Friday, February 17, 2006

Scouting out the Locals (Target, that is...)

Ahh... here I am in Denver. The roads were great- no issues whatsoever. Bella was also great. She slept most of the way and was a good traveler. Once we got into town we put her down for the night, and she went to bed without a peep! She slept in the utility room in a foreign port-a-crib, and she still went to bed without a sound, and then slept until 9am! Whoa. So now that we're here, what is the first order of business? Check out the local Target of course. And boy, it was a good thing we did. Get this- they have Heidi Swapp! Okay, that's the first surprising thing. THe next? They're things I've never even seen before! And on top of that? They were all on clearance! Whoa. I, of course, have no money, but I had to get at least some of them. And Michelle has asked me to go back and get more. Alas, what's a girl to do? So here is a picture of my Swapp Target finds, as well as a deck of the Marcella cards in chocolate and pink for Shell.

Shell, Grandma got us all these Lil' Davis things at Tuesday Morning. I don't know about all you guys, but I've never seen scrap supplies at Tuesday Morning. Maybe I just don't go enough... There are mini file folders, slash pockets, envelopes etc. So cute! We'll divvy them up when I get home.
Grandma's new house is very cute. It feels like home, and I think it's perfect for them. My only complaint is the white confetti type of carpet. Kind of like those cake mixes you can buy that have the multi-colored candy peices in them. (Except it's not quite that noticeable) I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. Yes, I will still try to post once a day while we're here. I wouldn't know what to do with myself otherwise.


robin said...

Glad to hear you made it safely! Talking to my parents, I was a little nervous for you guys - I guess it has been pretty snowy there and in the mountains the past few days. You never know this time of year.

I'm jealous you are in CO. I want to go really bad....*sigh* hopefully this summer.

Mark went and checked on the "friends" during his lunch today - and will probably go back tonight ;) He wants to take Smeagol to work to have him sit on his shoulder all day, hehe.

Jill said...

Hey Jessie I'm so glad you guys got their safely and without incident. I can't believe they have Heidi Swapp stuff at Target and that it's on clearance as well--jackpot. I hope you get a huge score of stuff. Have fun.

Ellen said...

Hi Jess!
This is a great website. You're awesome! I haven't gotten back into scrapbooking for years, hope I can sometime in the next few years. Glad bella slept well. She's a doll.

michelle said...

Glad you're still checking in -- I was afraid I was going to have blogging withdrawal. Bella is a major champ! Thanks for doing my shopping for me... and say hi to everyone.

mom said...

Agreed, the confetti carpet is scarey!! With no surprise, Grandma's cutest sense of humor indicates that it is one of the only good things about not seeing well!! I told her it was just as well she couldn't see it!!! The house is cute and cozy for sure! It's the Petersen way--cute and cozy houses as exhibited by both Shelle and Jess.....wish I could have been there.

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