Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Book

This is the book I made for my aunt Denise for her birthday. It's an idea book for her creative sketches, notes, and magazine clippings. I've posted before how keeping my own Idea Book seems to have helped revolutionize my style, and indeed helped me find it. I reference it all the time, am constantly writing down ideas and sketching them out- I encourage everyone to keep one! Even if you're not a scrapper, your ideas about anything! It helps squeeze the creativity out of everyone, in any arena. I am in love with these notebooks since Jill turned me onto them. You can find them at Target (of course) for $3.49, or $2.49 on the East Coast. (don't ask me why!) They are spiral bound with chipboard covers, 3 divided sections with tabs and folders, and a great elastic to keep it closed. There are 4 color variations: black, lime, blue, and fuschia. The pages are also lined and edged in the same color. I love them! But beware if you frequent the Orem Target- I buy them whenever they ahve them! (No, I'm not getting paid for this endorsement-)
Michelle received the one I made for her yesterday, so you can check it our on her site too. :)
I have taken a few pictures with my new camera (Canon S2 IS, since some of you have asked...) and can't wait to post them, but I have to download my software first, so maybe tomorrow.
*How do you organize your ideas?*


Jill said...

Denise's book is oh so cute. How do you manage to make each book so different? I tend to fall back on the same ideas with only slight variations on them. It must be your creative genius at work.

My ideas aren't very organized. I do have things I've cut out of magazines and put into sheet protectors for design ideas and home ideas, but now that I have my very own handy, dandy notebook (thanks to you) I am planning on using the 3 sections for Notes I need to write, groceries, and the last section is still being decided. I started my first section today and already have a long list of notes to send (you're on the top of it).

Kristi Brooke said...

love the colors. love that the large I with the deas in different direction! i am going to have to show you off on my blog!

Kristi Brooke said...

forgot to answer the question.
organize what??? ideas???
no help here!
Jill did make me a great small book i carry in my purse to write down all the crazy things that come in my head.
want to hear the most recent.
All the blossoms are blooming here in TN, the popcorn blossoms.
i was thinking i was going to burn a CD for all 6 of my fun neighbors who i love with the song "i looked out the window and what did i see..." then pop a bag of pocorn and put it in a cute bowl. i was going to make 6 of these. of course that is what goes with my theme on my blog, my head is full of ideas thing.
crazy i know. of course i didn't do it, but i wrote it down in my cute book by jill.

michelle said...

I have been clipping ideas for months, waiting for just the right way to organize them. I've been through several ideas, but I think I've settled on a half-size 3-ring aqua binder I found at Walmart. It uses regular notebook paper (half-size) and I can add to sections that I need more room for and subtract pages from areas that are less used. (Does that make sense?) I haven't actually started yet, mind you, but I'm going to. Very soon.

Hannah said...

I make tons of random notes on random things and try to keep them all in one place. This is why I am excited I got one of these books from Target last week. I have told myself I can't use it until I cover it how I want it, so hopefully I will take the time to do it over my next 4 days off work. Thanks for the great idea as usual!

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Sadly, when ideas pop in my head I write them down on whatever scrap of paper I can find...sometimes something so small as a bubble gum wrapper. The problem is I don't always transfer them into my journal...and then I have a mass of little papers that build up in a drawer. Later I can't even remember what I meant by it. Granted these are creative ideas...just thoughts on life.

rmt said...

So very adorable. I don't know how you do it.

dpw said...

I LOVE my idea book! I'm heading straight for my Target to look for the notebooks. I love that the lines on the paper are colored to match the elastic. I love you for making me such a cute notebook!

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