Sunday, March 12, 2006

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I have been remiss. Robin, please forgive me. I don't know why I didn't link you earlier or why I am not as obsessive about checking your live journal as I am other blogs. I think it is because Live Journal is foreign unchartered territory and so I find it a little scary. Also, I like pictures, and yours never has pictures. I am juvenile in this respect. However, I always enjoy your posts, and decided that it was foolish, indeed if not disrespectful, to not link you and be just as obsessive where you are concerned. So consider me your new internet stalker, and I'm only sorry I made you wait so long for my unwelcome advances.
Everyone, check out Robin's Live Journal that she had way before any of us even knew how to blog or how we ever lived without it. Her latest post considers the merits of a Mix-In Frosty versus the pure good stuff. Weigh in.


Jill said...

I've been having a love affair with the kiddie sized frosty lately. They're only .49 cents and small enough not to overwhelm, but big enough to hit the spot.

robin said...

Awwww...this is the most special I have felt all day. (: To have a whole blog entry!

And I apologize for the lack of pics on my blog - I need to be better about taking pictures, cause the picture post I made a week or so ago was actually fun, and I love seeing all of your pics. So I will do my best to improve my blog in these respects!

Also, not to be like, ungrateful considering the awesome shout out, but the link is wrong >_< Just take out the extra "http//" and it should be all good!

BTW, I am really looking forward to book club this week - I was able to work out my work schedule, hooray!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the frosty and Robin. I am a fan of the original frosty, but wished they made it in a few flavors because when you want one all the time chocolate can get kinda old. It was a favorite in the last weeks of pregnancy too.

michelle said...

I'm all for the plain frosty. Or, now the McDonald's cone, thanks to your endorsement. Glad to know about Robin's site.

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