Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Trip" Highlights

Wow- what a long trip it's been. We're back in town finally, and while I had a wonderful time, I'm still glad to be home. I don't even want to discuss the trip home. If Michelle isn't too traumatized from it, maybe you can read about it on her site! All I can say is, I'm not traveling on a plane until Bella is 16. Maybe 17. (Or Eva for that matter) To simplify conversation while we were together, I renamed the girls 'Beva'. (As in all the stupid celebrity couple names they have like 'Bennifer', 'Tomcat', or the very worst, 'Branjolina'...)So I'm not traveling until 'Beva' is 16.
And what a long blogging hiatus it has been! I tried to keep up, but I hope not to ever let so many days lapse again between posts. So here goes with some trip highlights. I don't have all of the pictures we took on the trip at hand, so here is just one of the trip highlights for now.

1. Tomato Pie. Yum. It is a pizza from Franco's that has a very thin crust and hardly any Parmesan cheese, and lots of tomatoes! It is sweet, and oh so good. There is nothing like Pizza from the East Coast. It is unmatched anywhere else, especially in the west, and Tomato Pie is one of my favorite things. We had it 2 nights.
2. Philly Cheesesteak. Again, unmatched. Never try to order one from a resteraunt anywhere outside of Philly, especially chain resteraunt. They don't know what they're doing. It's sacrilege.
3. Seeing Erin again- (see post "Old Friends...Good Times")
4. Going to church in my home ward for the first time in years. Seeing old friends and showing off my baby girl. (After seeing Bella I think they may be under the impression that I turned out okay after all-)
5. Going to my mom's store(s). I wish I wish I wish I had pictures to show but they're on another disc. See Shell's blog for beautiful pictures.
6. Getting things from my mom's store(s). I can't wait to put it all away! I mostly got things for my kitchen in a yellow and orange motif. My kitchen is going to get a not so extreme but really really cute home makeover soon! (I'll be sure to post those pictures!)
7. Cleaning the basement. For those of you who don't know, that's actually why we went there in the first place- to help mom unpack her basement that has been untouched for the last 2 years since they moved)We uncovered countless treasures. I re-lived the past, and took home a bunch of cast-offs too! Mom has to ship us I think 6 boxes of our things. Oh Dear.
8. Seeing a guy lift weights in his car while driving on the freeway. That's right. On our last night there we made a last-minute trip to the local Target (of course)and saw a man driving with his right hand, and his left hand out the window with a dumbell, pumping iron. I'm serious. We laughed so hand I think he may have heard us.
I guess that proves there really is no excuse for having no time to work out.
9. And of course, just spending time with my family. I thought I enjoyed having alot of alone time, but I think maybe I'm just used to it. I mean, I enjoy a certain measure of alone time, but I feel lonely today just being me and Bella again. (She probably does too.) I can't wait until more of my family can live by each other. I feel dumb that Shell and I only live 10 minutes apart and while we talk every day,we maybe see each other once a week.
I miss my mom. And my dad. :(


Jill said...

The picture of the slice of tomato pie is making me drool, it was so good when I had it with you guys last September (and I don't even love tomatoes).

I'm glad your trip was so fun, even if Beva was challening. It sounds like you and Michelle scored a ton of great stuff so I'm excited to see the photos when your boxes arrive and are unloaded. Your kitchen will be so cute, I love the flower arrangement you got from your mom last fall, so if you're decorating around that color scheme it's going to be gorgeous.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

It was so good seeing you too. I'm sad though again because I can't think of when the next time will be and I really can't think of the next time I'll be there when everyone's under the same roof. :( It was just like being home for me. I wish you and Michelle (Marc for that matter) what reconsider living in Utah.

rmt said...

Welcome home, Jessie! I'm sorry the trip back was not so hot. How is Beva doing now?
Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you scored! If they came from your mom, I'm sure they're exquisite. Are your parents still planning on moving out here someday?

michelle said...

Hmmm. I'm feeling a little sad and lonely, even though I'm glad to be home again. If I have to have a crying baby, I'd rather do it at home. But I sure do miss Mom & Dad and all those fun things. And my luscious bed in the guest room.....

robin said...

I'm glad you had fun, Jessie (: And I too look forward to seeing the new additions!

And I gotta make it a priority on my "do before I die" list to eat both culinary items you mentioned - because they both sound oh so good.

Hannah said...

Glad you are back, thanks for the highlights. That pizza does look fabulous, thanks for posting it to make us all jealous. Utah is surely lacking in the culinary department IMO. Hope Beva gets back in the swing of things and I am sorry it was a nightmare coming home.

mom said...

I've REALLY got the blahs...I'm in the mode of reliving "we were relaxing and watching the emmys last week at the time" as I have been reliving every day in that manner since you left. I can't bear to face the life I have to live for the next few weeks of nothing but stress and late hours, I think I would like to trade with someone else right now, any suggestions? I can't thank you enough for the hours of work and objective advise regarding discards. I love you and miss miss miss everyone.

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