Monday, April 24, 2006

End of Break

I'm sorry for my hiatus in the blogging world, but hopefully I am back. Yesterday I took a nice break so that I could just spend the day with Timm and Bella with minimal interruptions. We went up to Provo Canyon and tooka little walk, and just hung out for the day. We couldn't go to church because Bella is recovering from the cold that I gave her. Not much is going on now, so I will just post some random thoughts. I hope you're not too bored. (I don't know how to do bullets, so a list will have to suffice.)
*I'm excited because Timm borrowed a roto-tiller to rip up our small parcel of a back yard (more like a back square) and has grand plans to plant grass. More to post on the possibilities of this later...
*Erin is in town for a few days so we spent the day doing nothing together in true old-friends style. It was really fun, comforting, and so great to have the company! She also graciously took me to lunch. I did my diet best by getting a salad (Cafe Rio style, so not so healthy-) but I split in half between lunch and dinner.
*I weighed in today and lost 1 pound. Not astounding, but the first time I've lost in quite some time. I am cutting back the points this week, trying to eat more fruits and veggies, and trying to go to the gym.
*I am going to try to start on Lola's album tonight so that I can beg for donations this week. Pray that their hearts will be softened!
*Timm is burning a large stack of things in our back square. I am alarmed. You should be too. If I don't blog tomorrow, assume he burned the house down.
*I shall try to return to regular blogging tomorrow, complete with a picture. Blogging Spring Break is over!!


Jill said...

It's a good thing you gave us the update, because I was ready to send the police over to check on you.

I'm glad you've got fun stuff going on with Erin. I'm highly alarmed at the thought of Timm burning things in your little backyard area. What brought this on? Do you guys really have so much stuff to get rid of that he had to burn it? I'm frightened.

Amie said...

I've said it before but I like this type of post. It's like a glimpse into your life without having to think too deeply (hard for me). I love when the blogs are the source of a smile or laugh all alone at the computer.

Congrats on your 1 pound loss. I would say you are inspiring but unless I actually do something about it that won't be much of a compliment.

Anonymous said...

I was stoked to read that Timm was getting you a "back yard", but now the thought of him burning stuff is scary. Don't you have a wood fence? I wonder if it is legal- did he get a permit? We couldn't burn because our garden is bordered by a wood fence and is too close to other houses. In either case, you don't want the fire dept to make a house call when they see the unexpected smoke, so I would get a permit...just my two cents worth.

Congrats on the loss, little by little still gets the job done.

michelle said...

I truly hope the house is still standing.

rmt said...

What on earth is Timm burning in the back yard? You guys do know that DI is right up the street, right? That's kind of funny in an alarming sort of way.
Good job on your weight loss!
You should call me. I have lots of interesting things to tell you about my new job.
That's great that Erin is in town! How long is she staying?

dpw said...

Timm, matches, pile in the back yard--NOT a good combination!

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