Friday, April 28, 2006

Rolling Forth

I am so excited how my charity work is rolling along! First, I got promises of paper donations from the first person I asked! (Leaving Prints) I was so excited, I was jumping up and down, dancing around, waving my arms like a crazy person. I thought, if I can get the paper, then I can do this. No matter what else happens, I can make this work. SO I decided to take many of your advice, and just try anyone. I emailed practically any major scrapbook company I could think of: Making Memories, KI Memories, Bazzill, American Crafts, Chatter Box, Roberts, Michaels, Provo Craft, Prima, SEI, Joanns, Close to My Heart etc... The only flat rejections I have gotten are from Joanns and Close to My Heart. I got two cryptic, but promising emails back from Bazzill and American Crafts. AC simply asked me for an address where they could send donations. I don't know if this means they are sending things, or if they simply needed more information, but I am very hopeful. I got almost an immediate response after emailing the Regional Manager in charge of central Utah. Did you know AC is based in Orem? It's perfect because it appeals to their sense of community as well. Imagine what great mail that would be! Then I got this email from Bazzill almost immediately as well. I need help decoding it though:
Hi Jessie,
First off your letter made me stop and think. And let me know that I should be very thankful for everything I have in life.
I am sending you and your program a list of scrapbooking items.
I am sure it will help you, help a lot of people.
Thank you so much for thinking of us.
Frani Garcia
What does this mean? She is sending me a list? What? I'm confused, but so excited!!! It sounds very hopeful whatever it means. She told me I could email her again with any questions- should I? Should I send my address to her? What do I do?
In any event, I am so excited. Just ask Timm how I was jumping around. Before any of this happened, and I just had my paper donation from LP, I thought- why am I so surprised? I prayed that the business owner's hearts would be softened and that they would be generous. So why am I surprised that my prayers were answered? I mean, it's a righteous desire, it's unselfish, and I'm trying to help others, so why wouldn't Heavenly Father help me? It just seemed so obvious- duh! Why wouldn't He want to help me? Why are we surprised when we answers our prayers? Oh me of little faith...
I'll keep the updates coming. I'm also trying to think of a name for this project with Lola's name in it. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Sooooo cool! I am just so amazed at the response and know you are going to be able to see this through! From the letter, I would think she is going to e-mail you a list of things and you tell her what you want??? Was you address in the orignal letter? Maybe she is sending you things from her list. Love it either way!

As for names for this project:
Lola's Legacy
Loving Lola
Lola's Gift

FRT said...

This is a great project! There is a check in the mail in the amount of $50 to handle incidentals. Best of luck!!

Jill said...

Good news Jessie! I guess I would wait and see what shows up at your house. I'd also start making thank you cards for the companies that are going to send you stuff.

I like Hannah's name suggestions, but I think Lola's Legacy is the best.

jt said...

But here's the thing... my address wasn't on the original letter (I have added it now) so I don't know what Bazzill is doing. Do I email her back?
Timm had a great idea of a whole Thank You album for the donating companies. (I too was just thinking a nice card-)I think I may document the whole project and then put a small album together for the companies so they can see how it came to fruition.

rmt said...

Yay! Great idea from Timm about the thank-you album. I like that. I also like "Lola's Legacy." I'm so excited for this!

michelle said...

I would email her back and ask if she needs your address. Then she will probably clarify what she's talking about. I love that you're getting responses so quickly!

I'm trying to think of a name with Lola Jane in it. I'll let you know if I come up with anything...

Bridgitta said...

I agree with Michelle. Email them with your address and see what they send you! Congratulations Jessie! I am so very happy for you. What a great service to offer other s and you are just the person to accomplish such a big task:)

little charlotte said...

Lola's Legacy is a good name. I also thought of Remembering Lola [Jane] (if you want to include her middle name), but other than that I'm out of ideas. Good luck with your ambitious and selfless project! You're an inspiration to many!

Robin said...

I'm so excited for you Jessie - it sounds like already, much progress has been made (: And I totally know what you mean about being 'surprised' when our prayers are answered. That happens to me more often than I like to think. I mean, seriously - we're promised they will be answered, so long as we have righteous desires, are doing the things we should, etc. Yet everytime it happens, I'm still so overwhelmed that it actually did.

I think Timm's idea is great - that would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation, by showing them exactly what their donations went to.

Keep me posted on when you need help! I would be more than happy too (:

Kristi Brooke said...

i am amazed with two things.
one the idea itself.
two you following through with it.

i am excited to see it unfold.

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