Sunday, May 07, 2006

For Sale!

I attribute this post to 2 good ideas from 2 different people- A few of the donations I received didn't seem quite fitting for Lola's Legacy project. Michelle suggested that I sell those items on Ebay and use the money to buy remaining neccessary items. Perfect! I mentioned this to Hannah, who then proposed that I first 'list' them here and see if anyone I know wants to buy them. So here is your first chance to buy great scrapbook items at a reduced price and donate to a great cause! I am listing the retail price if I am able to find it so that you can have an idea of what they would normally sell for. I am merely looking for a fair price, and I will send them to you. Take a look, and please link me or tell anyone you know that might be interested! Time is running out, as the crop will be in just over a month. Also, please tell everyone you know about it! I will need all the help I can get to be able to complete all the albums that day. Thanks for looking!
This is some American Crafts paper- it is way cute, but I already have all the paper I need, and it's not so babyish. This is a pack of 25 sheets. It coordinates wonderfully with the other pack of AC paper (also 25 sheets.) Perfect for card making in large quantities! (MSRP- about $15 pack)

This is a great Chatterbox album, but I'm not thrilled about the color for a baby album. Great for anything else! It's faux suede, and 8x8. (MSRP $16)

I love these embelishment packs from Chatterbox- I just want to keep all the embelishments consistent. It includes paper flowers, chipboard letters, stickers, brads etc. (MSRP $15)

This is a pack of 45 small neutral buttons. There are various grays and taupes. I have 4 packs of these. (MSRP

This is a card of 6 different gray ribbons. I have 6 cards like this. (MSRP

This is a great journaling embelishment pack in an olive/spruce color theme that includes rubons, stickers, and tags. (MSRP $13)

This is a pack of transparency quotes in a pink theme. There are 2 sheets.(MSRP $5)

This is a pack of Chatterbox ribbon in a scarlet/burgandy color theme. There are 1 1/2 yards per spool. (MSRP $7.50)

I love these rubons, and I've never seen them before! (MSRP $4)

These are transparency letters in a butter/tangerine color theme. They are patterned, as you can see, and self-adhesive. Three sheets are included.(MSRP $6)


michelle said...

Great idea, Jess!

Jill said...

I think it's so wonderful those companies sent you so much nice stuff. If it turns out that all of us are too poor to buy these from you, then I'm sure ebay will treat you right.

Amie said...

I am impressed with how much stuff you have received! I wish I could be more helpful in the purchasing dept. I would need to come shop, I need to see and touch. I am so out of date that I don't recognize most of these things, they look very cool though. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are following through with this idea- AND I love how enthusiastic you are about the whole project. I think you inspire so many people both with your ideas and your ability to see them through- especially me.

jenn said...

Are you taking bids? I would love the blue chatterbox embellisments, pink rubons and the transparency letters. I'll give you MSRP for them. Let me know and I'll send money!

dpw said...

Great idea! Good luck selling.

Robin said...

If it's not too late, I would actually be interested in maybe buying one (possibly both) of the paper packs, the grey ribbons, and the olive journaling pack. I know, *shocker* Robin buying scrap supplies! But I am wanting to get into this good mail thing, and hopefully generating a little creativity! And since my scrapbook supplies are um, meager, I figured I would start with you to help out with Lola's Legacy (: Just let me know how much!

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