Thursday, May 11, 2006

I am From...

This was a fun excercise that i got from Jill's blog. Michelle and Kristi have also written one- try it out!

I am from Boncha tea, from clean, but worn and wadded Kleenex from grandma’s pocket .

I am from grandma’s creaky floors I walk in my dreams, from a Christmas tree in nearly every room, and having to hang posters in my closet only.

I am from the wide plots of soybeans and touring wheat fields.

I am from the 12 Days of Christmas and wrapping caramels. I am from intensity, from Charlotte Jane, Jessie Kaziah, Taylors and Hardys.

I am from the overwhelming generosity, and those who have had ‘too many brownies’.

From “to me you’re not” and “it’s not so hard to repent.”

I am from countless second-chances, rebirth and recovery. From a Savior who has suffered all that I have and more so that I can be healed from my own mistakes. From a family I will love and live with forever.

I am from Denver- a city on the edge of the plains, Pioneer stock, Limpa Rye bread, White Mountain cake, and Catawba on special occasions.

From the horror and mourning of the ‘dead-red rag’, the sad and tender stroking of a deer dying on the side of the road, wrapping too many presents on Christmas Eve, and a cake with whole almonds intended for an infant.

I am from putting my name on my grandma’s things, boxes of photographs unearthed by greedy, fumbling hands, hoarding collections of things I will never have room enough to inherit, and documenting my life in a more organized fashion so that one day, if I can give them up, my children will inherit my memories.


rmt said...

I loved it!

Amie said...

I love this, I love how much information gets into these poems. The "stanza" that starts with second chances is my favorite.

michelle said...

Oh I love this. So much more than my own. You captured so many things! My personal favorite is the mention of your first birthday cake! (Thanks for believing ME.)

Jill said...

This turned out so great. It makes me want to hear all the stories that go with these items. You are so blessed to be from where (and who) you're from.

Claudissima said...

How do you guys do it! I think it is wonderful. I will try it soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

mom said...

I guess I'll never outlive the birthday cake incidient.....sorry. Why didn't Grandma stop me from making it?????Oh dee.

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