Thursday, May 25, 2006

I wish...

I didn't like sweets and all things fattening so much
I didn't bite my cuticles
I were more even-tempered
I had more self-control
Our lawn was filled in
I didn't need so much sleep
I could afford to buy people things they would like
Teachers weren't so poorly compensated
There were more hours in the day
Cookies made you thin
I didn't take blurry pictures
My parents lived nearby
I had a personal chef
I were naturally thin
I helped people more
I enjoyed vegetables more than junk
All of my family lived nearby
I enjoyed exercise more
I didn't dread talking to my brother
Pregnancy didn't make you fat
It would never get above 75 degrees
Bella would always be so sweet
I didn't like to sleep so much
All of you would tell me what you wish...


Diana said...

What a great entry. I will have to give it some thought and do a similar post.

little charlotte said...

I wish that I wasn't so impatient so that I could just enjoy things how they are instead of waiting for the next phase.
I wish that I could maintain a steady level of spirituality in my daily life, instead of constantly fluctuating.
I wish that I could have more motivation to be active.
I wish I could feel productive all the time.
I wish I liked to eat healthy.

Anonymous said...

I wish:
I could be a mom/wife 100% of the time instead of the working girl I am
my day had more hours
I had more time to follow my passions
Linc was done with school
my sister lived in Utah
thinking thin would really work
sleeping 5-6 hours a night would leave me refreshed and feeling great in the morning
I had natural/built-in sunblock
I could afford a maid
I could repay the kindness my family has shown me time and time again
I could rewind life and do a few things differently

emily said...

I wish that I always had money for all the clothes I wish I had.
I wish that I had a pair of plaid shorts.
I wish that I could solve every problem of mine and of the people I love.
I wish that the people I love never had to get hurt.
I wish that I wouldn't procrastinate so much.
I wish that I lived close to all of my family.
I wish that I a shiny, grand piano.
I wish that my legs weren't as blindingly white as they are.

Timm said...

maverick said...

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michelle said...

I wish:
- my kids were good sleepers
- I liked vegetables as much as brownies
- my caramel sauce had turned out better last night
- my scrapbook room was neat and organized
- it never got hotter than 75 degrees
- I never would get sunburned
- the day had 30 hours in it
- my kids wouldn't need me quite so much
- Katharine had won American Idol
- I could have a weekend home alone
- my floors would never get dirty
- I didn't have so many bugs in my basement
- I had a nice backyard again
- I wasn't prone to depression
- French professors made more money
- we were out of debt
- lawn & plants grew better than weeds
- Max would finally get better
- I was at my goal weight!
- everyone could come to the blog party
- all my loved ones lived in Utah

Wow, that's a lot of wishes!

kim said...

I wish...
I had flawless skin that didn't need to be covered with foundation
I loved to eat vegetables
I didn't get irritable when I'm tired
I had a beautiful singing voice
My mother would move back to Ohio
The Ohio State Buckeyes would win the National Championship again (go bucks!)
I wish I were more outgoing
I had a best friend
I had more faith

Jill said...

I wish...

I owned my home.
I was thin and athletic.
I could remember everything I've ever read or studied.
I could read faster.
I liked to cook more.
I loved healthy foods.
I could be "in the moment" more.
I could go back in time to relive certain moments.
I had the money to do all the generous things I can think of.
I had a black armoire for our tv.
I was a runner.
I didn't have to get my wisdom teeth out.
I didn't get migraines or headaches so often.
I could play the piano and the guitar.
I could sing well. (Just well, not even fantastically, just well.)
I could speak Spanish.
I could be a more patient person.
I was more articulate with gospel related things.
I wouldn't let self-doubt or jealousy ever creep into my thoughts.
I felt truly loved.
I didn't fear spiders so much.
I could teleport.
Bad necks did not run in my family.
I never had to iron again.

Apparently I could go on and on, thanks Jessie this was fun.

rmt said...

i wish...
...i could read or scrapbook all marriage had worked...i could have another baby...i could be a stay-at-home mom...i had motivation to exercise everyday...i was at my goal weight
it wasn't so hot...sweets didn't make you fat...i could repay my were still my next-door neighbor...i made more money...i had a nice tan...we had a pool...daniel was potty-trained...i never got headaches...i were more spiritual...i were more confident...we could have a 'girls night out' every week...the a.c. in my car worked...

I liked that! It was fun to read everyone's wishes.

Claudissima said...

Oh how i wish!
I wish i could do party dinners with no cost
I wish i could shop without worrying about a bill
I wish i could eat at a 5 star restaurant every time I wanted
I wish i could go to Paris to culinary school--hoped for instead of BYU, but was afraid to ask....
I wish i could fly for free
I wish i could go on cruises every change in season
I wish i could have a mansion
I wish i could jet set all over the world (often)
I wish i could have beautiful hair and impecable look instantaneously
I wish i could dress up in tailor suits daily
I wish i could have a yacht
I wish i could have my grand piano now (and not wait until i am 40)--and remember all my repetoir
I wish i could have unlimited access to Brooks Brothers, Zara, Ellen Tracey, Nordstroms, Saks and my favorite Ralph Lauren
I wish i could have those hugemongous (sp) make up cases from Chanel/Dior at my finger tips
I wish i had beautiful english gardens
I wish i had all the herbs for cooking at an instant reach
I wish i had everything in Williams Sonoma and the kitchen to go with it
I wish i could speak more languages other than the three and a half i know
I wish i could drive my favorite cars each year different model
I wish i could be as knowledgeable as my dad in scriptures/gospel without having to put all the work into it
I wish i could go to the past/future and be an expectator and come back when I want to
I wish i could go to the movies for free (and be in the movies)
I wish i could write more, but baby crying....

ps....thanks for allowing me to dream!

mom said...

I wish Ihad 5 GOOD employees
I wish my Dr's scale didn;t weigh 13 lbs HIGH!
I wish my basement was unpacked and organized
I wish there was no humidity in the East (for Dad and Shell's sake)
I wish I could take a long weekend to Utahor Denver every weekend
I wish I didn't have extrodinarily short limbs
I wish Dad could get off the High Council and go to Sunday meetings with me every week.....ugh...
I wish I could zap all of my horrid age spots
I wish I could think as quickly as Linda Giler for the perfect business answer
I wish Ryan would embrace his Priesthood again
I wish I had the same budget as the "rug-cutter" (that would be literally billions.....)
I wish there were 48 hours in a day
I wish I could work 4 days a week
I wish I wasn't too tired to read every night
I wish I had a bigger closet
I wish I wasn't cold all the time
I wish I could be as perfect, Christlike and darling as my mother
I wish I didn't care so much about stylish shoes
I wish I was naturally thin like my friend Linda!
I wish my sister Patti would embrace the Gospel and be my hero again
I wish I had a quaint vacation home like the ones I design for my clients for all the family to gather at at the drop of a hat!
I wish I had my Viking stove back with six burners
I wish Sherwin Williams would come up with some new favorite colors!
I wish my mafia landlord would soften his heart....please pray for this!
I wish ladders were lighter
I wish Denise could be my project manager and partner
I wish Emily could clean my house! (and earn that baby grand piano....)
I wish I always filed receipts
I wish our Relief Society President wasn't moving
I wish we all lived in the Petersen compound!

dpw said...

I wish I could work for Susan.
I wish I were out of debt.
I wish I lived near my favorite family members.
I wish I were dressed and ready for the day.
I wish I weren't so tired.
I wish that dark chocolate make you thin.
I wish I would act on every thoughtful impulse.
I wish I didn't always worry about money.
I wish that dust didn't come back so fast.
I wish my bathrooms would always stay clean.
I wish I had a bigger kitchen.
I wish that I never got tired and that sleeping and eating were optional.
I wish I had someone to do my hair everyday so that I could read while it was being done.
I wish I could buy Emily that grand piano.
I wish I were still a size 6.
I wish I would focus more on my blessings and less on my wants.

maverick said...

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