Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blog Party

The blog party was a huge success. Thanks to Jill for hosting the event, and Kristi for helping to organize it. I am so glad to have been able to go. It was such a great experience to have a girl's night out. I don't know about the rest of you, but it felt like a slumber party to me. Actually, I wish that it were a slumber party. I could have stayed for several more hours, but seeing as how my husband was the only one who called me, (twice) I had to go.

This is the present that I brought to represent me at the party. It included a picture of Dobby, one of my beautiful hairless cats. (I don't see what all the hype is about. They're cute.)

Amy M. has the best bone structure of most anyone I know. It's sickening. (No offense-you look great!)

Kristi is so cute! She is just like you would imagine. I have met Kristi a couple of times, but years ago. She is so warm and characteristically sweet- I'm so glad she came!

I love this picture of Shell- It's blurry, but you look so cute! My friends commented that they loved how much Michelle laughed at everything.

Our fabulous hostess Jill, enjoying her new digital technology. (yay!)

Hannah staring me down with her camera.

I was so glad that I was able to meet Amie. She was one of the few people there that I hadn't met. I still want to get to know you better- I think we have personality traits in common!

Kristi was the lucky recipient of my present. I offered to give the framed cat picture to Robin instead of Kristi, but she wanted it! (who wouldn't?)

The whole group! My picture has a crazy halo around everyone, but I think we all look great! I had so much fun. More on this tomorrow, because it's getting late. Thank you Jill, Kristi, and everyone who came! I can't wait to do it again.
*Was anyone surprised by anyone or anything they learned last night?*


michelle said...

That is a crazy halo! I wonder what that's all about? I need to get a copy of the group photo. That picture of me: yikes. Love the one of Amie. For me the most surprising thing was how comfortable we all seemed with each other and how well the gift-giving went. And I was surprised yet again how bad I look in photos. I guess that's how I really look, but I can't seem to reconcile myself to it. It was a great night.

TX Girl said...

So our cat is named dobby as well- although he has hair .. thankfully :).

I love that the gifts were supposed to be a representation of the giver. I'm not sure what I would give to represent myself- something that indicates bossiness!

Glad it was fun.

dpw said...

I love seeing the pictures of everyone, since all I have to go on is the little photos that come up on comments. That cat photo gift is hilarious!

Jill said...

Hey Jessie I've been waiting for you to post your pictures and recap of the night. Your post did not disappoint. I'm so glad you had a good picture of your gift with the photo of Dobby. I have lots of pictures involving the photo, but none of the actual photo. It's very funny.

I know I was surprised by several things that night, but am having a hard time thinking right now in my clogged-headcold state of mind.

Diana said...

It looks like you all had a great time. It's nice you can have a girls night out.

Also you need to put your links back because you are how I get to everyone elses blogs.

mom said...

Good post, good fun! It looks like you guys had a great time! I'm not sure abut the new cat, however....too many new paw prints to wipe out of the bathtub....tee hee!

rmt said...

First of all, I really like the new look of your blog. So much more you.
Great photos! It was a wonderful night.

amy m said...

I am glad you posted your photos of the party. It was a lot of fun and I was glad to be able to talk to you in person.

I like michelle was really glad it felt so comfortable, like we were already friends. I am really glad Jill and Kristy put it together. It was an awesome night.

Anonymous said...

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