Sunday, July 09, 2006

My New Calling is...

2nd Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency.
(Feel free to scroll down and look at the pictures, bypassing all this pesky text!)
Now some of you are probably thinking, what's the big deal? ( That, or what the heck is a 'Relief Society'? I know, it sounds strange.)
For me it is a big deal for several reasons. Timm and I have had a rocky few years- Rocky, but wonderful as well. I wouldn't even trade the bad times.
{Brief Timeline of events:}
  • Married civilly July 25th, 2003
  • Got pregnant 3 months later-inadvertently
  • Lola Jane stillborn at full gestation June 27th, 2004
  • Buried Lola on July 2nd, 2004
  • Got pregnant 3 months later
  • Sealed in the SLC Temple November 23rd, 2004
  • Isabella Grace born May 20th, 2005

So we've packed a lot into our 3-years of marriage. Anyway, my point is that at times it's been a little rocky, and sometimes winding path back into full church activity for both of us. Even when I was active, I've never had a calling that required more than intermittent effort, like an Enrichment Counselor or Activity Committee. (Which were my two previous and simultaneous callings.) By the way, I'm sorry for all the foreign jargon for any of you who are not LDS. (Mormon.. More jargon! I should compile a glossary of terms.)

I feel like this calling is really inspired, and that it is coming at a great time for me. I am simultaneously overwhelmed, humbled, and excited. I don't know that I will be the best for the job, especially among my incredible ward, but I think the calling will be the best for me. The things that will be best for me will also be hardest for me at times, which I'm sure is no coincidence. It will draw me out. I am a self-described extroverted recluse. Anyone who knows me knows I am not shy int he least degree- I am animated to the point of being obnoxious, but I also love to stay home and be by myself. I could easily see myself becoming an eccentric recluse, letting myself go if enticed into a debilitating depression again. I'm not kidding. This calling will ensure that if I am faithful, I will go outside myself far more than I would choose under normal circumstances.

The last time I felt that my calling was truly inspired and meant for me specifically was sadly, about 10 years ago. Not that I don't believe my other callings have been inspired, but just not to this degree. When I was 16 I went to Girl's Camp like I did every year. I was not active in church, but I always relished the opportunity to go to camp. That year I felt the Spirit so strongly and resolved to make changes in my life. At the end of that week at camp, I was called to a Stake position to be in the Young Women's Presidency in charge of planning the next year's camp. It was a huge calling, one I was not worthy for, and one I enjoyed so much. I was in awe, and it was perfect. It have me a focus for an entire year while I made changes in my life. I gave us old friends who were bad influences, and gained new ones in the stake. I grew by leaps and bounds that year, and my calling was largely to thank.

I feel similarly now, though not to the same degree. I am not returning to activity in the church, but refining daily habits and choices. Again, I do not feel worthy of the calling, but feel that the Lord will make me equal to the task and that I will be blessed. I look forward and dread the business that will come with this calling, but feel grateful and humble for the faith that the Lord and members of my ward have entrusted in me.

Wish me luck!

Last week in Charleston:

  • the beauty of the vacation was over, and we began the horrendous trip home
  • I was missing everyone already
  • I was planning what pictures to post!

I love the rippled effect int he sand- this is the makings of a tide pool!

Our last night on the beach. I was heard to utter this warning to Bella: "Last Beach!"

Turns out you can take great cloud pictures from your plane window!

*Happy Birthday to Jill!!! She deserves the best day for the most wonderful kind of friend she is and example of generosity and thoughtfulness. Hats off to you! *


claire said...

hey! Congradulations on the calling! That was my last calling up in school. I enjoyed it because I got to get to know the girls in my relief society much better. It was a good opportuntiy to learn and serve!

dpw said...

You will be incredible! I can't think of a better person for the job--and what a great attitude going in. We, incidentally, got a new RS presidency in our ward today, too. (Our former president had been so for about seven--yes 7--years.) This probably sounds silly, but I'm a little jealous of you. Working with other great women in a presidency and getting to better know--through service--the other sisters in your ward is really rewarding.

BTW, once again you prove how incredibly photogenic you are--not fair!! Of course, that's the way you really do look, so what can I say?

Jill said...

Congratulations on your wonderful new calling, you will be so perfect for it. I love that you describe yourself as an extroverted recluse because I can totally relate. Even though staying home is luxurious and comforting, when called to action I'm sure you will come through splendidly. The women of your ward are lucky to have you. The greatest thing about being in a Relief Society presidency is that it fills you with love and concern for all the sisters in your ward--it forces you to reach out to others. I remember being a counselor in the RS Presidency back at BYU and feeling like it gave me license to talk to everybody. It's silly that I thought I needed permission, but I loved that I cared about everyone and could run around taking care of them.

I look forward to your stories, your spiritual growth, and the wonderful lessons you will teach and learn.

Kim said...

You will be wonderful in the Relief Society presidency. I'm so happy for you and the many blessing you will recieve through your new calling. Also, you have a way of describing things in perfect terms.
"Extroverted Recluse" That really says it all and I feel the same way about myself. Good luck with your calling.

jenn said...

WOW! Does that mean you are in charge of enrichment or teachers? Good luck- you have a lot to offer the sisters in your ward!!

cjw said...
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cjw said...

I think you'll do great Jessie! Your animated nature and engaging personality makes it easy to be around you and it helps people feel comfortable. I have complete faith and confidence in you!

Maren said...

hey jesse I'm sure your pretty tired of hereing this but congrats anyways after you hear it so many times its kinda like tempting you too go after them with a knife but hey you should check out my pointless blog with like 2 posts on it ^.^

roastbeefstew said...

that is a great picture of you although it looks like it's a severed head or something just because i can't see your body. congratulations to you on the calling. i thought it would be something in relief society or young women.

michelle said...

I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't see this post when I checked last night OR this morning! I think you will love this calling because it is fun to work in a presidency with other women and I know you will do a great job. I had no idea you could get such cool photos from inside the plane. I wish I would have done it too!

pam said...

First of all, what a beautiful picture of you.

If we put our trust in HF we can do/accomplish anything we want. Sometimes we are given callings that we think are above our abilities, think Moses, but we are the ones that have been called and given these opportunities to grow, think of what YOU can bring to your new calling. Your style, personality, abilities and stregths. I'm so excited for you, you'll do great.

Claudissima said...

Hey wonderful picture! I am sure you will do really good. It sounds like you are ready to go forth and that is already half way there!

Kristi Brooke said...

you will love your calling.
your three years have prepared you for the women you will meet and who will cry on your shoulder.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

That is awesome! I got called to be gospel doctrine teacher. Far more shocking!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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