Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Alright, Cliffs Notes:
I can't upload photos of the color swatches from Sherwin Williams, so if you're really that interested, you can link to it here and search for these colors.

We painted the living room and kitchen (they are really like one large room) a beautiful color called Independent Gold. It looks kind of dull and brown on the swatch, but it reads really green- a very pleasing, livable limey green. I think I could actually live the next darker shade- Antiquity, as well. The color extends to the hallway as well. The color scheme for this room is aqua and green. Love it.

Our room is a rich yellow called Honey Mustard. Love the cheerful yellow and green scheme, again.
Our master bath is Latte, with green and chocolate tied in.

Our hall bath is a soothing, yet bright aqua called Watery. Very blue, very pretty, very well suited for small rooms due to its sometimes-intensity.

The 'nursery' is Tidewater. A shade lighter than Watery, it is very easy and sigh-inducing. Eventually the scheme will probably add orange and green to the mix. (Presuming that next theoretical baby is a boy like I believe him to be.)

Bella's room is once again, Sassy Green. I love it even more in this house with the lighting from her big window and great furnishings and accents. (Pink, of course.) I'm anxious to finish that one.

And finally, my studio is a great energetic orange: Bakelite.

Our kitchen cabinets are called French Sonnet, but I believe they may have been custom mixed. Our trim throughout the house is Honey White.

So there you have it. Look em up, tell me what you think.


michelle said...

I love all of those colors! Especially Antiquity, Watery, Tidewater... so cheery.

Anonymous said...

Those colors are all so cheerful and so how you have described them. I love the Antiquity and Watery. Who comes up with these names?!?!?

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