Monday, September 03, 2007

Bad pictures with pointless stories

You know, otherwise known as My Life.

First of all, 2 (very brief) movie reviews.
The Ex- I surprised myself at how much I laughed at this movie. (Jason Bateman, Zack Braff, Amanda Peet) Why hadn't I ever heard of this movie until I saw it on the New Release shelf? Funny stuff.
First, I should probably remind you that I was born with the curse/blessing (mostly curse)of an abundance of feelings. (" I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy... I just have a lot of feelings.") Due to this, I am subject to be unusually affected by the moods and emotions of movies and the characters in them. Seriously, I have to kind of monitor this so that I don't watch anything that may cause me to delve into more empathy than I can handle. I already have too many feelings. That said:
Premonition- Has anyone else seen this movie? Well, I won't spoil anything by saying this, but what the HELL? What's with that ending? Are you kidding me? That's really supposed to placate me? Did they just run out of time at the end of screenwriting/ shooting, so they just went with that? That's like when you're telling your kid a story, and it starts out all cool and interesting but as you get farther along you realize you have no idea where this is going and so you give it a quick wrap-up in the hope that your kid is too bored/tired/young to notice.
Next- do you notice anything different about me in this picture? (Stop it right now if you are thinking of anything relating to weight. Yes, I am fairly sure I am continuing to gain weight at a steady clip, but I am aware of the problem thank you very much and I will deal with it without the likes of you pointing out something that is already too painfully obvious to me.) No, something else.... Here's a hint:

They're significantly lighter than they were just a couple of weeks ago! Maybe this photo doesn't quite portray the difference as obvious as it is to me, but even Timm noticed, so I'm not exaggerating. A couple days ago I thought to myself, "hmmm.. i swear my eyebrows look lighter. no, they couldn't be lighter- maybe the sun kind of bleached them? It's been awfully hot and I have spent more time outside what with the pool and all. No- don't be silly. How would only your eyebrows lighten, and leave everything else untouched? You're imagining things."
And yes, I do talk to myself in the 2nd person. Occasionally I even say 'we' between myself and my thoughts. I have only disclosed this before now to Hannah, Shell, Timm, and maybe Diana for fear that I might be edging nearer to mental illness each day, getting frighteningly close to the edge. But yes, I say 'you' and I say 'we'.
Then today it hit me.
Clearasil Cleansing Pads!
I have been using them the last couple of weeks to aid in the prolific acne breeding on my face due to excessive sweating. (delightful imagery, I know.) I use them each night, and for the first few times I had to brace myself against a chair as I silently screamed and raged, mouth agape while I thrashed and contorted mutely until the pain of acid on raw wounds subsided. ( I am a picker.) But it's better now.
But the acid- the salicylic acid not only clear-cuts any cells on the surface of your face, taking several nerve endings with it. Apparently it has another, less obvious side effect. With direct contact to your hair, it can cause bleaching and discoloration! (apparently both of those effects serve as good reasons to avoid the eye area as I clearly ignored.) Basically over the past couple of weeks I have been slowly and savagely assaulting my skin as well as bleaching my eyebrows! Now what? I have to wait until these hairs live their life and fall out and a new crop grows in, all the while making pointed efforts to avoid my eyes while cleansing? How long does it take to grow a new batch? I always wish I had thicker eyebrows, and this isn't helping. I'm just glad I discovered the culprit before it was too late. Imagine the possibilities.
Wow. I spent WAY more time and effort on that explanation than I planned, and certainly more than was warranted.

Trying to offer a fresh glance at Bella and Timm, I snapped this as he took her off to bed tonight. (Hence the blurriness of the impromptu photo in bad lighting.)
When Timm told her to say goodnight to mommy she turned and clearly and emphatically said 'i love you mama- i love you so much!' without any coaxing whatever. Obviously this brought a genuine smile to my face and I got down on the floor to give her lots of love.One of those sweet parenting moments when everything seems so simple and clear- that everything is right, and worthwhile just to hear that innocent expression of love, uncoerced. In order to convince her to give up a toy, I told her to say goodnight to the kitty she was holding-to which she promptly replied 'i love you kitty-i love you so much!' with as much fervor that I had just been blessed with receiving. That kind of cheapened the whole experience.

Nevertheless she continues to be a sweet girl who by all accounts hasn't really noticed that we moved.
I continue to try and load the video of her singing 'Tinkle, tinkle' and tell her that no, we're not going swimming with Eva today. Eva is far, far away. Yes, and Max. Yes, we said goodbye to Lucas, and Shell, and Marc, and Jackadog, and Max, and Lucas, and Eva...


michelle said...

They may be bad pictures, but I still want to see them!! What gives?

I haven't seen either of those movies -- in fact, I haven't even heard of Premonition, but then I'm pretty out of it.

I was dying over the inadvertent eyebrow bleaching! No way! I guess it pays to follow the instructions, eh? Ditto over the cheapening of your Bella love. Ah, motherhood...

Kim said...

Funny you mention the movie "Premonition"...Jared and I just rented it and watched it over the weekend. Ditto your review. Jared and I basically said the exact same thing when it was over.
BTW, I did notice the lighter eyebrows in the picture- that's sort of crazy- cleansing pads, who would've thought?
:) Kim

TX Girl said...

I'm happy to know that I wasn't the only person confused by the ending of Premonition. So dumb- it was such a great movie and ended because it had reached it allowed running time.

Cracking up over the eyebrow "issue". Good to know!

dpw said...

Sorry to hear about your eyebrow woes. I hadn't thought of acne treatment bleaching eyebrows, but I'm not really surprised because I'm constantly reminding the kids not to wipe their hands (after using such products) on the towels, because of the bleached spots that result.

I'll take whatever pictures--blurry or not--that you post! And as far as Bella's expression of love (however diminished by the cats), I say take whatever you can get! She's so cute....

Diana said...

That is so sweet of Bella. IT does lessen its effect when she says the same to a kitty. I had that happen to me Kira said I love you and then she said it to Piglet right afterwards.
I'm glad you found your eyebrow culprit.
We missed you at book club.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Yeah, so I was looking at that picture and thinking that something around your eye area looked incredibly different, but couldn't pin point it. I'm glad you figured it out, it's THE WORST when you can't.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Yeah, so I was looking at that picture and thinking that something around your eye area looked incredibly different, but couldn't pin point it. I'm glad you figured it out, it's THE WORST when you can't.

Jill said...

I can't wait to see The Ex, it's in my Netflix queue. I adore Jason Bateman and am very fond of Zach Braff and Amanda Peet so it's definitely my kind of movie.

I recently saw Premonition and was shocked by the ending as well. It was brutal. I didn't question it though because at least things were good between them right?

I can't believe you accidentally bleached your eyebrows with Clearasil pads. That's wickedly funny and yet upsetting as well. Thank you for sharing.

charlotte said...

I loved the Mean Girls quote! I miss you guys--it's weird knowing I can't just call come hang out. :( Miss you!

Robin said...

Oh man, I was cracking up over the eyebrow issues - they do look a little lighter, I'm noticing it too! Stupid acid. ;) Really though, it's not a bad look - you still look really cute. As always. (:

Can't say I have seen either of those movies, though I may have to check out The Ex. I will take your advice on staying away from Premonition for sure.

Oh, by the way - I am going to try getting in touch with you tomorrow! Sorry for my rambly, nonsensical voicemail on your cell phone the other day - I have definitely been out of sorts as of late with all the craziness/traveling going on.

Hannah said...

Poor, poor girl...if it isn't acne it is bleached eyebrows. I did like your description of using the pads. I haven't ever used them and now hope I don't ever have to. But seriously, how long have you been using them and how often...just in case I know someone who wants to pay the big bucks to get their brows bleached :) I would like to save them some money with your method.

Mya's love for me gets cheaper by the minute. This weekend she was loving on a lot of rocks just like she does me, then throwing them in the creek. Nice, eh?

RoRo said...

Wow, you are wiping your face with stuff that bleaches your eyebrows?? If we lived close I would offer my services to color your brows, but ask around it shouldn't be expensive, look for a school too, but don't let them rip you off, it doesn't take much color or time!!!

mom said...

Any eyebrow woes are fitfull to me! I am the QUEEN of eyebrow woes. I'm dreadfully sorry and f
eel your pain....

Way cute story and photo of Bella!

Give us some more stories of Champaigne, please!

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