Thursday, October 25, 2007

And now for something completely different..

(That was an obscure Monty Python reference, BTW.)
This is so random, but a brief recap of...oh, the month so far. That's how slow and uneventful my life is out here- i can recap a month in a couple of paragraphs and an equal number of pictures.Timm and I, out on a date! Following my last post I think he determined that I needed a break, something to lift my spirits- and actually getting out of the house with Timm and without child-that was a treat. Luckily I felt up to it.
Several people expressed concern after that post, be in online or otherwise, which I appreciate. However, I feel like I need to better define what this depression consists of. That post, and all of the feelings I expressed are not at all uncommon. That night I did feel particularly disheartened, but in the revolving door of this malady it always comes back to that. Hence my desperation at times, because it seems that if it's not already at my door, it is just lurking around the corner with brief respites. The bizarre thing is that the next morning I felt almost completely recovered. I woke feeling refreshed and content. I couldn't decide whether to feel hopeful or freaked out by that sudden change in feeling. It seemed like such a reversal overnight that it was slightly alarming at how quickly I can 'switch'. Nevertheless I was grateful. It wasn't until this week sometime that it occurred to me that maybe it was a blessing because of so many prayers on my behalf by those who love me. That was a comfort. This week continues to proceed as usual- each day a struggle to find energy, purpose and fulfillment, but so far so good. Each day I am faced with the same choices and sometimes submit to the easiest choice of acquiescence.
Bella, wearing my Sunday shoes. She has an affinity for shoes like I do, no matter how perilously high they might be. These are particularly tricky, but she does very well in them! She also has the stance down pat.
I am continuing to love our Moosey girl. I think she is the perfect dog for our family, but Timm reminds me that she is the perfect dog for me. She is very nearly faultless. She is my constant companion and easy to have around.
Grandma was able to visit for a couple of days earlier this month when she was in town for the High Point market. You gotta love this picture. Great lighting, freshly bathed with neat hair and a Sunday dress- with her finger squarely inserted in her nose.
Of course Bella was delighted to have her around, and the two brief days seemed longer with all we had a chance to do. Even better is to be with Grandma and Linda, her favorite local. Linda is my mom's friend of about 20 years and she lives in Charlotte. She and her family are our go-to for any question we have pertaining to anything in our new lives here! Bella loves everyone in their family and lists them all by name. She loves to sit with them at church, go 'jumpy-jumpy' at their house, go to lunch with Linda, and basically be adored and fussed over by Linda, Paul and their three children still at home. it also has it's benefits for me.
And that's about it for the month of October. More of the same-riding the waves of depression, trying to tally more good days than bad. I still have no real friends though I continue to be busy helping with crafty church activities, so at least people know who I am. I haven't had a social experience with anyone outside of my home or at church since we moved 3 months ago. I'd love to have a friend to scrap with or anything... even if they have to be imported.


Beatrix Kiddo said...

That's a good pic of you and Timm. I'm glad he took you on a date! :)

Karli said...

okay, i'll import myself there at least once a week to scrap and craft. that's what i'm doing today and i too, would love to have a friend here to do it with!

glad you got out on a date and had a good time with your mom and her friend. nice to have a babysitter you trust too.

did you figure out the blog problem?

michelle said...

What? Timm has a moustache and a beard? I had no idea! Love his tie, though.

Bella looks so big and so cute. I love her hairdo and her dress. And her stance in the Sunday shoes.

I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better, at least on some days. That's heartening to me. And yes, you do need to find a friend in NC! (Jordan might be moving there...)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Timm was sporting such a beard. Linc will be jealous I am sure.

I wonder if the purge of thoughts makes you feel lighter and more ready to take on the next day? Cleared out of your head- or at least more organized and less chaotic in there. (yes, I did just refer to your thoughts as chaotic-hee) You could always experiment and purge your thoughts in this forum more often :)

Bella is cute- so CUTE! I have way too many of the finger-in-nose pictures that otherwise would have been awesome.

As far as a scrap buddy- crop it up? Then maybe recruit someone to come to your super cute house and studio. Still waiting on pictures for that btw!

Diana said...

That's great that you and Timm went out. I know dates always make me feel better, getting out of the house with your husband is so different than in house dates.
Bella is sure a cutie, I love her in your shoes her little legs look so long and lean.
I'm going to learn how to apperate and then I'll come visit and you can scrap and I'll sew. Sound good to you?

Alison said...

I totally understand the waves of "WHAT?!" and "Things are good," if that description makes any sense. I am having a WHAT?! week myself. Love the finger-in-nose picture- I want to see more pics of your cute house.

RoRo said...

So glad you were able to get out on a date those can be such 'uplifters' just to spend some quality alone time with your best friend and spouse.

Bella is so cute, and what a cute picture of Moose:) they are wonderful companions, I've noticed that my Puggle has been wanting to sit on my lap more, so know I have two dogs fighting for my lap, I have pictures that I promise to download tomorrow so you will have to checkout my blog.

Melissa Marilyn said...

I can't believe how big Bella is; she is darling! She looks so much like you and your mom. At least you have a friend in Bella and you'll make more friends in NC too. You have such a magnetic personality and you are so fun and creative. Soon other fun and creative people will be drawn to you too. Hang in there; it is difficult to acclimate to a new place. I love your shoes too!

Jill said...

Is Timm going for the burly look so he can appear older than his students?

I'm glad you two got to go on a date, did Linda watch Bella?

I love the picture of your mom and Bella, in front of the camera seems like a perfect time for a little boogie hunt.

I'm relieved that you woke up feeling better after that last post and so happy that you considered the possibility that it might have something to do with the number of prayers being said on your behalf.

pjmesser said...

Gosh I can relate to your last two posts. So glad you are having good days. what a sweet family you have.

Charlotte said...

What awesome pictures! And my favorite picture is the one of Bella in the shoes--classic. Timm looks like he belongs in Jerusalem and I'm glad you guys got a night out. I am also more than willing to import myself to NC for Office nights, LOST nights, and chilling out nights--I'm sure those imports visits will beneficial to my midterm sanity. :)

Claudissima said...

oh, how I love high heels...brought memories. That is such a cute picture with her grandma, and friend. Great picture of you guys.

Claudissima said...

oh, how I love high heels...brought memories. That is such a cute picture with her grandma, and friend. Great picture of you guys.

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