Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This nonsense has got to stop. When she was a baby, it started out with just a couple of stuffed animals of my choosing, and her favorite blanket. (And of course the requisite binkie.) Somehow, by small indulgences I am sure, we have arrived at this state. She hasn't taken a nap for 3 out of the last 4 days which is highly unusual, and last night we had a first: she woke me up screaming at 2:30 am for some
unintelligible item that was obviously of most importance. To her. I went in, which I usually avoid, so that we could all return to a state of slumber. Especially since tt's alarm was due to go off in just 2 1/2 hours. I finally identified that necessary item as 'Blue Page' a torn-out page from one of her Sandra Boynton books. I retrieved it, but the wailing requests kept coming. 'Blue Spatula!!!!' (a common refrain). Gave her the spatula. 'Brown book!!!' ( I never did figure that one out...) 'Wocket!!!!' (...in my Pocket. Suess. Delivered.) What can I say,? I was tired and groggy. I just wanted the crying to stop! By the time she told me she wanted all of the books, which is roughly 25 more, I drew the line. I left her and went back to bed. She cried for about 5 more minutes and mercifully drifted back to sleep. But not before she had acquired the following assortment of crap in her crib:
* 13 books
* 2 blankets
* 1 binkie
* 4 shoes
* 3 plastic dogs
* 1 Dora figure
* 2 babies
* 6 stuffed animals
* 1 tube of ointment
* 1 blue spatula
* 1 'Blue Page'
* 1 baby bead toy
Other common requests are 2 blue spatulas, various books by the names she has given them and I have to decipher, dish towels, candles, clementines, cereal, any and every toy... Basically any random item in the house that she wants to confiscate for her personal use. This is insane. No wonder she can't sleep. Presently, there are 4 stuffed animals, 1 binkie, and her blanket in her crib. We'll see how she reacts to that when 'nap time' comes in about half an hour. Argh.


Diana said...

Oh Bella Bella. I couldn't believe it when you told me about her stuff it's so good to see an actual picture of it. It might be rough for a few naps or nights getting rid of items but it will be well worth it. Remember I told you about the assortment that Kira acrewed when she was younger (definitely not as interesting as what Bella has) it took crying for 10 minutes one night and 20 minutes for a nap time and that was the end of that. Good luck!

Robin said...


That's seriously intense.

I do like the "blue page." Good luck with the naptime today!

michelle said...

I'm having a hard time getting past: "last night we had a first: she woke me up screaming at 2:30 am for some
unintelligible item that was obviously of most importance"... because that is most nights for us!

Where in the world does she sleep? As you know, we have the exact opposite problem, with Eva having to have everything out of her crib, and some things even out of her room. Good luck.

Melissa Marilyn said...

Oh Jessie, I love the way you punctuate! You are hilarious. I'm sure that you were having a difficult time laughing at 2:30 a.m., but thanks for sharing with me.

Jill said...

Oh dear, the best sleeper in all of kid-dom woke up in the middle of the night?! Oh my goodness, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. You've had a great thing going for so long.

Bridget said...

This is so funny though I know it was not funny in the middle of the night! Great insight of how your night went. The adventures of having children never ceases!

charlotte said...

She is SO funny.

Hannah said...

Ah yes, the crap in the crib. We went through that! Where DO they sleep?

Mya still has a few things that she insists on taking to bed. I am cool with it. She is a collector and her bed is bigger now- so I don't mind. If she drops something, she knows she has to turn her light on and find it because I will just take it away.

dpw said...

Oh dear. . . . I don't miss those days.

Natasha said...

Jessie, thank you for the bookmark. How special that you took the time to make something just for ME! I love it.

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