Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, so this will probably be my fastest and lamest post to date. And that's QUITE a statement. I have been much busier and pregnant-er than usual lately, hence my absence and general neglect of all of my friends. Just so you all know, I am aware that I owe many a phone call/gift/email/letter/general acknowledgement. These people include, but are not limited to:
Diana, Rachelle, Robin, Karli, RoRo, Jill, and I'm sure there are others. If you feel like you have been neglected lately and are not included on this list, please let me know. (This is Bella after she said: "I feel sick. My tummy hurts. I just need to rest a little bit.")

I had my huge Enrichment activity, and mercifully that is over. It was last Thursday night, the same night that my parents came into town. They had to wait at the airport for about 4 hours before I could go get them! I'm so lame. Blame Enrichment. But now that is over, my parents are in town for the Easter weekend, and that always reaps great rewards.
Exhibit A.
My new KitchenAid mixer!!
When my mom asked what I wanted for Easter, I had no ideas. My mom, as many of you know, is the consummate gift-giver. I hadn't thought about myself, only Bella. So I said maybe some self-tanning lotion. That's bout all. So instead, they bought me an expensive and beautifully coordinated fine piece of kitchen appliance. Or something. I love it. We made bread this morning, my first attempt, and I can't wait to try all kinds of things!! too bad nobody lives locally for me to bestow these fruits upon.
In other news, here is Bella's funny face. Covered in Macaroni and Cheese.

We had a practice go of an Easter Egg hunt last week in our Neighborhood. I love our neighborhood.
Despite my double-ish chin, I love this picture (below) for Bella's expression.
So that's that. I am trying to get back to normal and will get to you all just as quickly as possible. So that you don't feel too bad, I am neglecting myself as well. The pregnancy is going fine, but at almost 10 weeks I still haven't even found a doctor. Gotta get on that next week. Hopefully more to follow with greater clarification once the dust settles a bit. J-out.


Jill said...

Your parents are so generous, what a fantastic Easter gift! Please post some photos of your cute kitchen with the foxy new mixer in place.

The picture of Bella are so cute, I love the one of her looking down, it's darling.

Have fun with your parent!

RoRo said...

First that wasn't a lame post and second the only thing I feel bad about is you neglecting yourself, not that you haven't acknowledged me! you have to put yourself before me!

I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN AID!!!!!! I have my grandma's old one (I am grateful just to have one) but it's white and I want a fun new color! I love love love yours! I agree with Jill pictures of your kitchen with the new appliances would be awesome.

And when is Bella not cute? Love the Mac n' cheese face.


rmt said...

J-out? Sweet!
I love the new mixer! Orange is perhaps the best kitchen color ever. I have long been envious of Hannahs-I just don't bake enough to justify buying one!
Bella is looking so grown-up and so beautiful these days.
Have a wonderful Easter, and enjoy the time with your parents! Glad to see you posting!

Anonymous said...

While using my KitchenAid today I was thinking of you and yours and how much goodness you are going to make. So very exciting!

Bella looks so big- you look beautiful- love that last shot.

kim said...

Love the pictures. What a fun orange mixer!

michelle said...

I LOVE the orange KitchenAid! I've admired Hannah's, and it seems the perfect thing for your kitchen as well. Now there will be no stopping you.

Love the pictures of you and Bella as well -- I wish I had some like that with me and Eva! (and what are those adorable sheets behind Bella when her tummy is hurting and she needs to rest??)

Karli said...

you're so dang cute! love the new mixer...glad you're feeling okay and doing well. be busy-it makes time go faster-and don't worry about getting back to everyone right away. friends understand!

definitely try not neglecting yourself! have a great week!

Claudissima said...

Oh my I love the mixer color, I would have picked that one, except that i was buying it from my sister in law...they got 3 for they wedding, and it was from target, so I picked red...but that looks sooo festive and cute....too bad we don't live close, but I am sure you guys will be delighted with all your new cooking....qwhat a darling picture of the bella

Mother said...

One thing you neglected to tell all is that the Kitchen Aid is for you and Timm for Easter, mother's day and Father's Day!!!!

I'm glad you are loving it and I'm quite pleased with the way it kneads dough, at least so far! Keep up the practice and give us all reports!

Missing you all.

Traverse Mountain 2nd Ward Young Women said...

Pregnancy can just sap every bit of strength you have, can't it? Just sit back and look forward to the months when you have boundless energy to get things done. You'll be super Jessie, doing, creating and being at levels previously unheard of! At least you have a very pleasing orange mixer to get you through it. Wanna good bread recipe?

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