Friday, April 11, 2008

I need a 12-step program.

I really need to buckle down and just post some more- I know. I don't know what my problem is, except that I have a hard time... disciplining myself and being consistent. Those are pretty major flaws, so I'm working on it. Slowly, slowly. I need a blogging program to set me on schedule. Whatever, I need that for my whole life. I need a task-master who will schedule my day and make me stick to it. I don't think I'm very least lately.
But- this week I received the most cheerful package I think I have ever had the delight of receiving, from none other than our Good Mail Queen, Jill. Who else? It definitely made me smile, and I had to photograph it, something I usually am too lazy to document. LOVED IT!! (in drawn-out sing-song voice.) The contents did not fail the exceptionally cute exterior, but with Jill at the helm, I was not worried about an anti-climactic surprise.
She sent me 4 orange and green Tag tea towels for my kitchen, with matching washcloths! Okay, for one thing: she knows the colors of my kitchen: green and orange. For another thing, Tag is one of my favorite brands of one of my favorite things, tea towels. And to top it all off, it also included a three-pack of my favorite gum, Mint Mojito, (sp?) which she could not possibly have known, all held in a green photo box, which I really needed! (Again, she could not have known.) Green matches my studio (no accident, I am sure-) and I need a new photo box for all the new prints I plan on getting to 'catch-up' before the baby comes. What a package. What a complete little box of happiness. Brought to me by, Jill. Thank you. The tea towels are all presently on display.
And speaking of anti-climactic, here's Bella. (It's no offense to Bella- I mean, who could really compete with those tea towels? But so it goes...)
This is the cutest 3T dress of all time, I am convinced of it. Complete with a knit shrug, courtesy of Mom and Macy's, it was a sight to behold. I think I was a little more intent on photographing the dress than actually capturing the moment for Bella- oops. But seriously, did you see the dress? You can't blame me.

I got a bunch of great shots through her Easter basket, but her expression here makes me smile.
Speaking of expressions, I love this one as she discovers a dollar bill in her Easter egg. (Courtesy, of course, of the grandma and grandpa Easter bunnies...) Bella is very expressive and often gestures with her hands when she speaks. I don't know where she gets it. ha.

Lastly, we had a nice but short visit from nana and papa last weekend, and we went to a museum-ish place downtown called Discovery Zone. Or Place. I can't remember now. It cracks me up how her hair naturally organizes itself into these perfect ringlets. I don't have to train them at all- Usually I just comb her hair, put it up, and as it dries it forms these perfect curls that people always ask if I've done. I know my hair was this way when I was her age, and if I had a scanner I would show proof. I still don't know how it does that.
She's into the fish.
So that's all folks- I will try to post again soon. As in, within a week. ha.


Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest towels ever- wow! And the gum is an awesome coincidence eh? I remember you introducing it to me and I have not gone back.

That dress is painful! I love how bright it is. Bella has always had the best faces- she is just so stinkin' cute. I miss her!

Maybe you need to make a "training schedule" for blogging? Commit to twice a week and then ramp it up after that? Your local readers need more.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "loyal" readers...I wish we were local.

rmt said...

That was a cute typo! I wish we were "local" too!
That dress is SO darling! Shopping has to be one of the best parts of having a girl. (Not that I would know, I'm just imagining.) Sometimes I walk by the little girl's department in Target and think "If I had a little girl, I would totally buy that!"
Bella's hair is AMAZING! Lucky girl.
What a nice package from Jill. Cute tea towels are hard to come by.

RoRo said...

Isn't it so fun to get matching towels for your kitchen? Did I also mention that I love your kitchen and your colors?

And that is the cutest 3T dress ever, and Bella just makes it that much cuter!:)

thefractalman said...

Oh. my. gosh. I am DYING over her Easter dress!!! Eva's was nowhere near as cute, and I looked high and low.

I didn't know Bella's hair did the ringlets like yours! Yours was exactly like that, except that your pigtails were shorter. Pretty funny.

Great mail from Jill. And yes, you do need a blogging schedule. Might I suggest Wednesday and Sunday? Just an idea.

p.s. stay tuned for an Eva event the likes of which have never been seen since Lucas was 3...

Jill said...

I'm so honored that you chose to document the good mail I sent you. I saw those towels and immediately thought of you and Michelle so I had to get them for you guys. I was giddy knowing they would match your kitchen. I also thought they were super cheerful and springy. As for the gum, I didn't know it was your favorite I just liked the color scheme I had going. Hee.

Bella's dress is wickedly cute, I love it. I love the various angles you managed to capture in the photos and her expressions. I think it's time to post video of her talking.

I'd also love for you to get on a more regular posting schedule. I thought you'd be a blogging maniac when you moved, but that hasn't turned out to be the case.

kim said...

Love Bella's Easter dress. Too cute.

Anne said...

Once upon a time Mint Mojito gum could only be found in the south, one of my cousins friends found it in NC. So when I went on a roadtrip last year to Savannah I bought at least 4 packs at every gas station or store I went to. I STILL have gum from that trip lying around.

Before I read your comment about Bellas dress being the cutest of all time I was thinking to myself, that is the cutest dress I've ever seen. It made me giggle as did her darling expressions.

charlotte said...

That is such a cute dress for Bella!! And that is also quite the care package--good mail is always a score. Oh Bella, how I miss your cute little self.

Mom said...

What a delightful gift at the end of a long market week---a new post with Bella photos!!! That dress really did look ssooooo cute on her! And yes, your hair did the exact same thing, magic I think!

I will second as well as plead for more regular posts! They cheer me up and keep me informed.

Jill has the touch and the eye for sure! Tag has been a line we have long carried and loved at Black-eyed Susan!

Thanks for the cheer.

Llamaly said...

My Mom and I first sampled Mint Mojito Orbit during Sunday school, and though I prefer Citrus Mint, Mojito's not bad. Mom wasn't quite as taken, referring to it as Mr. Clean flavored. To each his own.

I love all the pictures of your home and Bella and Timm. Tell everyone hi from me! I'm starting to set aside 5-10 dollars a week towards a North Carolina trip fund for next summer. I wish I could visit sooner, but unless I get a $7000 windfall to cover my housing for next year, my saving will be slow. Love you!

Llamaly said...

Oh, I'm drinking cherry Coke Zero right now, and it makes me think of just about a year ago, when I stayed with you and Timm over spring break. I miss you all, and appreciate your reliable stock of low-calorie cola.

Mom said...

Time for a new post............

How did the sheepherders turn out?!

bridget said...

Love the post! I too need a 12 step planner-maybe we should go into business together!
The dress of Bella's is very cute. A rare find!
I do like the good mail too-where did she find those towels! Green and orange must be hard to find!ti11ie

Denise said...

You are lax in posting and I am lax in reading! I love to read the blogs and see the darling photos--just have difficulty making the time to do so. Bella is way too cute. And--I really do think that Mint Mojito gum tastes like Mr. Clean smells.

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