Thursday, May 01, 2008

Green Way

Last week some friends and I went down to the green way in our neighborhood for a picnic and a little dirty play. I love this area, and the weather is just perfect lately. It has been like spring here since sometime in February (on and off), and it couldn't be greener! Just down the stree t in our neighborhood we have a small but great little playground, a fantastic pool that opens in 18 days, and extensive trails of green way that link our county together. Here is the view from the first bridge: I love that Bella is an adventurous little girl and not afraid of the wild world around her!
Another beautiful view.
My cute friend Molly and her sweet baby Mia.
From left to right: Bella, Karilee, Ellery, Molly with Mia, Ashley, and Sebastian.
Bella's beautiful bum! SHe doesn't mind a little dirt for a worthy cause.
It was a great time, with at least 3 of the kids ending up in diapers. Bella had to walk home in a straw hat, diaper, and her hello kitty shoes. A great look. I've already staked out a new location just 2 bridges down on the walking trail. Next week we'll explore it again!
Doesn't anyone want to move here??

And I feel it my civic duty to repeat what I just heard on an ad for the news tonight:
"lip gloss and cancer: ultra shine could be ultra dangerous."


Anonymous said...

Oh my- that place looks built for me. I love when kids just take off exploring and have no inhibitions about nature and everything outside- it is a great quality!

While it looks dreamy, I still would rather you move back to the desert and just bring all that goodness with you!

rmt said...

I'm totally with Hannah on this one- I think you just need to move back here! But I can't believe how green it is there-so lush and beautiful!
I'm so glad that you and Bella went out with friends and had a good time!
A little dirt is good for the soul. That's what I think, anyway. (hee hee.)

charlotte said...

Just the fact that it's actually spring in NC is motivation enough for me to move there--the high today was 47. Hello--it's May.

Amy said...

I would move there in a heartbeat--especially if my kids could have that most charming of all Southern accents, the North Carolina accent! I'm constantly wanting to experience life in other places--and North Carolina has always been high on my list of places I would like to visit in the US. It's beautiful. What a good choice you made.

Denise said...

I would LOVE to live in North Carolina! Your photos are especially enticing. The news about lip gloss, however, is a bit disturbing. I could be in real trouble.

Jill said...

Do my eyes deceive me or does this mean you're being social?? Good for you!

michelle said...

So beautiful! How amazing that this is all in your neighborhood! I think it's great that you went exploring with friends, and great that Bella isn't afraid. (can she rub off on Eva next month??)

Lip gloss is dangerous, huh? Does the gloss attract dangerous rays from the sun or what?

Diana said...

So happy you have some friends to do things with they look nice.
I'll move there all you have to do is find Lou a job.

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