Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...

I want to post about my trip to 'M'Utah' (Bella's name for it-) but keep feeling stalled...Michelle's post(s) summed it up so well, and this combined with my reluctance so put it all in the past-tense has left me speechless. So, today I will briefly recap my return trip. That's easier to do.
We got in late Sunday night, and Bella was such a trooper. She's always a good traveler, and our straight-through flight was only 3 1/2 hours, so I was still in pretty good form when we arrived at 10:30 pm. The only glitch in the trip was about 5 minutes from landing Bella inexplicably threw up! It caught us all by surprise, and was not so easy on my pregnant sensitivities, but as soon as I cleaned her up and restored her to a new piece of gum, she seemed fine.
My mom was in town for just a day after a buying trip to Atlanta, so she picked us up with Timm, who I hadn't seen in a month!
The next day was Monday, the day my mom was going to spend it town. Unfortunately, I spent the majority of that day either in the hospital or recovering in bed. While in Utah I experienced some troubling symptoms typical of preeclampsia, and waited until I got home to get it checked out. I wanted to just pop into the doctor's office, but they insisted I go to Labor and Delivery. About 4 hours of waiting and testing proved that I was fine, but not before I drank a truly heinous antibiotic suspension that made me nauseous for the next 3 hours, laying me out in bed. Not the greatest day for my mom to spend in town.
The next morning my mom had to fly back to Philadelphia, so after we dropped her off at the airport I spent the day moping. Now that it was just the 3 of us and I had no travel or hospital distractions, I was suddenly plunged into the realization that I was without the constant companionship of my sister that I had grown accustomed to in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Probably cued by my crying on the way home from the airport, Timm put me down for a nap in bed once we got home. I woke up just as he was putting Bella down for her nap, and he shortly left for work, so I got to spend the next few hours alone, recuperating and catching up on missed tv. He knows what I need :)

Today was a day designated to be a day-long date for Timm and Bella to give me some much-needed alone time to decompress from my month-long stint on single parenting. (I get a 2 week reprieve with Timm at home before he leaves for another 2-week training, bringing my single parenting time to 6 out of 8 weeks. Yikes.) He took her out and kept her occupied for most of the day, doing whatever she wanted and making up for lost time. It started by picking up some groceries while I slept in until 9:45! and then he took her to the pool. They came back and changed, then went to Burger King and played on the playground there for some time. (Bella is a big fan of cheeseburgers, or 'hambugahs'. And playgrounds.) The stopped at Chick.Fil.A for milkshakes, another of her favorite things. A little Sponge Bob before her 3- hour nap, during which Timm continued his job search, then came home and picked up the house a bit for me. Now I have her at home for a couple hours while he teaches some private swim lessons, after which he is going to take her to 'The Blue Playground', her favorite at Mallard Creek Park, then get some Little Caesars for dinner. I'm sure this also includes somewhat of a late bedtime and more treats. I insisted that he take my camera and take some pictures of them, practically begging him to take some SPs- he indulged me, and they turned out so cute! During the month-long period that we didn't see him, Bella continued to insist that she didn't miss him, telling me 'I just love him.' To her they seem to be mutually exclusive. I was afraid she might be weird towards him when we got back, acting shy and scared, since she largely refused to talk to him on the phone during the last month, but apparently my fears were unfounded. She seems to be having a great day playing with daddy.

Besides all this, the house was in great, clean condition when I got home- a requirement for a happy homecoming. Besides cleaning, Timm had also kept a running list of many smallish household repairs and chores, and even had some wrapped presents waiting for Bella and I. Not a bad way to come home.
Now, to get to that post or posts about Utah...Right now it requires more of me than I have, but perhaps tomorrow.


Hannah said...

I can't believe Bella threw up! That is so weird. Still so glad you are okay- that was a relief after everything, but bummed that they didn't really have any answers for you.

Timm is an awesome guy! I am so glad he latched onto the idea of you getting a day to yourself! Live up the next two weeks with him- more Timm/Bella days, go out on a date, even if it is just to the park for a cheap picnic and reading on a blanket. Revive!

I hope after a few days you can post more about your trip. I still can't believe it has come and gone. Sending the CD with pictures soon!

charlotte said...

I'm glad you made it back safely, but it's never fun to have to return to reality. And I'm glad you don't have preeclampsia--that must have been alarming.

That's great that Timm gave you needed time to recuperate! Those pictures are SO cute!

Denise said...

I hate vacation detox. I think I'll invite Timm to my house the next time I'm returning from one!

rmt said...

I love the self portraits. Bella looks so happy! Timm is such a good dad and husband and I'm so glad that he took care of you.

Your hospital visit sounds so miserable-I'm sorry. I hope that you don't have to do that again, and I hope it gave you some peace of mind.

Cecilia said...

I love the pictures of Bella and Daddy.... They are so cute and genuine!

I'm glad you have a great husband to take care of you, Bella and even the house??? He's a keeper...LOL

I hope you feel better soon!

Jill said...

I'm glad that vomiting happened at the end of your flight and not the beginning!

What a relief that after 4 hours at the hospital you're fine! Phew.

Coming home from a long trip is always bittersweet. Hopefully when you go through the pictures and write your post(s) about it you'll feel happy instead of sad. You packed a lot of fun into your 18 days here.

Diana said...

So glad you're alright, I was so worried about you. Has the swelling gone down?
Timm is great, every mom needs a day to herself, especially a pregnant one who has her husband out of town for 3/4 of the summer!
Love you!

Robin said...

So glad you made it home safely (: It was so great seeing you while you were out here, just like old times (:

Scary about the hospital visit, but I'm glad everything is fine!! Honestly, I think you look/act great for being pregnant in dead summer heat. I have magical plans to not be pregnant ever during the mid-summer...we shall see what actually happens when the time comes around...

Hooray for time with Timm! Let me know if you guys enjoy/want more Arrested Development (:

michelle said...

Vacation detox: that's the perfect term for it! Here I am on another vacation, and I'm experiencing the detox in this midst of it all -- missing seeing you every day and spending all my time with you... damn, that was good.

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