Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sanity Presently Intact

I've been trying to think of more things for Bella and I to do outside the house lately. I am a consummate homebody, and as she gets older and more active and more difficult, I realize that 3-year olds are not meant to stay cooped up all day. I know it's good for both of us, and it will be a good habit to acquire, but it takes some thinking sometimes to think of free or inexpensive things to keep doing, especially when it's so hot. Today we went to Monkey Joe's because it's half price and adults don't have to pay, making it only $4. A small price to pay for 2 hours of fun activity and the hopes that it would inspire a nap. (Turned out to be wishful thinking...)
It's nearly impossible to get clear pictures since she never stops moving. Also it was ridiculously crowded due to the end of summer, half-price day, and a rainy day.
She was excited. And as an added bonus, there were only a couple of tantrums.
Bella with Will, one of our neighbor friends.
A rare still moment.
This time she braved this hugely tall slide that is very steep and very very fast. Last time we went there she got to the top and then cried until a worker climbed up, halted all the other kids, and climbed back down the ladder with her. This time it was a huge hit and she went down it repeatedly. She often tried to get me to go on them with her, but in my pregnant state there was no way. Especially with the pandemonium of other kids. It did cause 3 or 4 crying spells over inadvertent bonks and bumps.
I was not so lucky as to get a rare nap today, but did our hour of quiet time which is all I get these days. I still try to rest, but by the time I doze off and start drooling (I do so in embarrassing prolific amounts) the timer goes off, and by that time Bella is usually calling for me wondering if it's over yet. The result is not so good. I'm groggy and irritated and just want her to veg and watch tv so I can close my eyes. Today my friend Molly stopped by to borrow something and must have read the frustration in my tired-smeared eyes or lethargic movements, because she insisted on taking Bella for a few hours! She has a darling son, Sebastian who is Bella's age, and Mia who is about 9 months old. Who could resist that offer? So she took her for about 2 1/2 hours and I read my Optimism book and had a nap. It sure helped break up the day! Now she is in bed, and all seems well. I am going to eat some chinese leftovers that I bought last Friday and still have since I'm the only one eating it, and watch some Olympics. Nothing productive. That is too much to ask from me right now.


Anonymous said...

Yea for a day out! It is hard to find free/cheap things to do to break up the day but always worth it.

Sorry for the nap thing- sometimes there is just nothing you can do except wave farewell to a good thing. Quiet time though, we love that here.

Molly is my hero!

Diana said...

Looks like Kangaroo zoo. Getting out of the house I love when I do it it's just doing it.

michelle said...

Cute photos, Jess. It's a good thing kids are cute!

I instituted quiet time here today. It went better than I expected. But when it was time for bed tonight, she wanted me to leave a light on and have books in her bed for quiet time. Right.

I'm glad your sanity is intact!

Serin said...

If your camera has a sport mode, that really helps with the "kids that don't hold still" ;)

Jill said...

I'm thinking you may need to sneak some extra time onto the timer, she won't know the difference right?

Hooray for your friend taking Bella for a few hours, I'm sure that helped everybody! This stage of life is super challenging, especially when you're pregnant and tired all the time. Maybe having Molly's son over occasionally would help entertain Bella AND start a swap of some kind.

Tasha said...

One of the cheap activities that saved us when Dave was working out of town rotations was those weird things you freeze and them put in drinks as ince cubes, know what I mean? They are plastic, come in odd shapes, colors,etc? Now that its end of summer, you can find them on clearance every where. They don't need to be frozen, I would put Evie in the 3$ blow up wading pool in she shade with a bucket or measuring cup with handle and she would play forever while my pregnant self sat in my lounge chair (those sun chairs that are low to the ground, also readily available at like 70% off this time of year) with a book a magazine, or the phone and let her do her thing. OR- I would let her get in the tub with them, or if you can tolerate the mess, I would set her up with a couple of big tupper ware bowls on the kitchen floor and let her scoop them and the water from bowl to bowl. I would just mop up afterwards and my floor was clean too. 2 birds, one stone.

You are doig great Jessie. These are the trenches. You are doing great.

charlotte said...

That's great you could get a day out of the house, and I'm glad your sanity is presently intact. That's always a good feeling :)

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