Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Love...

the downy fine hair that still covers most of your body-especially your shoulders.

the sweet smell of baby I enjoy while your head rests on my shoulder.

your very long fingers and finger-toes.

your chicken legs that don't even have enough fat for rolls, but old-lady wrinkles instead.

the feather soft hair on your head that looks to be my color.

your limpling wet-noodle body that lops around.

the way your body conforms to mine, molding yourself to me.

the way you can go from wide-eyes to a narcoleptic state in the blink of an eye.

the tiniest bum on earth.

your raptor cry that you reserve for the utmost of agitation so that I rarely ever hear it.

the way you look from side to side all shifty-eyed as you take in the world.

your impossibly soft skin that feels like velvet.

that at 4 days old you could already roll to the side.

how your hands are almost always up by your head or face in various positions.

the way you smell after a bath.

watching the expressions flash across your face, your little features rearranging themselves.

how simple your needs are and the ease with which they are met.

that you made Bella a big sister.

that you complete our family... at least for the time being.


Diana said...

very tender and sweet she'll love reading that when she's older.

charlotte said...

I love this :)

Jill said...

This post is making me ache to hold a newborn (not have one). I love all those things you listed and would love it if you posted video of her raptor cry.

rmt said...

She is so darling and seriously, Jessie, she looks so much like you!
I loved this post.

lelly said...

she is beautiful!!

paws said...

What a cute picture! You did a good job making it sound worth all the pain.

michelle said...

This is just the kind of thing that makes me wish I had had a blog when my babies were tiny... what a wonderful thing to have documented -- for you and for her.

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