Thursday, October 09, 2008

Up the Street


(That's pronounced 'picture-squee'.)

My thanks to Jon Seckel, 9th grade gifted english class with Mr. Urglavich, circa 1995.


michelle said...

Yay! new posts!

I love rolls of hay like that, they are truly picture-squee. (I haven't used that term for awhile -- the boys were saying it like crazy last year when we were picking grapes, and it's time to do that again...)

Anonymous said...

You have ruined that word for me...every time I read it I think of that.

Those pictures are awesome!

rmt said...

Ditto what Hannah said. It sounds like a made-up word.

But the pictures are beautiful.

Jill said...

I love it when hale bales are round like that, why don't Utah farmers do that?

Rin said...

Oh man, I wonder if he has any idea that you still remember that. I wonder if anyone else in class still remembers that?

Travis Keys added me as a friend on facebook. Facebook is crazy.

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