Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Record

to Timm: "Dad, you're respectable."
(when I asked her if she just called her dad 'respectable' she quickly told me several times that she was just kidding, obviously thinking that she had said a bad word. Timm promptly told her to tell his mom and dad.)

to Mama: "You're impossible."
(no explanation necessary.)

Timm: "Bella, how'd you get so freakin' cute?"
Bella: " My name's not 'Freakin' Cute' for one thing..."
(at which point she was interupted by my laughter so we never got to hear what the other thing was.)

"Can we just leave Fiona in the car?"
(several times recently.)
Timm: "Damnit."
Bella, calling from the bathroom as she goes potty: " Daaaaad- we don't say damnit!"
Timm: "Okay Bella."
Bella: "You didn't say 'sorry'!"
Timm: "Sorry!"
Bella: "That's Okay!"
(all from the potty.)

The scene: Bella is being the manners police, as she frequently does, to grandpa.
Timm: "Bella, who's in charge of grandpa?"
Bella: "Grandma."


michelle said...

I'm torn right now between laughing out loud at the things she says and admiring these photos! She's just so freakin' cute. (man, I wish I knew what the other thing was!)

Jill said...

I love conversations with kids, they never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Love the pictures too! I love that Timm told her to go tell his parents- heee.

rmt said...

She is precious! Love the pictures.

charlotte said...

That is all just too cute and hilarious! "You're respectable"--ha!

michelle said...

Max has been saying "I'm not freakin' cute, for one thing..." ever since you posted this, and it cracks me up every time. What a funny girl.

Diana said...

what a cutie

michelle said...

Hee! I love the new additions!

emily said...

Hahahaha. I'm trying to sing along to my choir homework while reading this, but can't because I'm laughing at these conversations. Haha. I love how she's growing up so much, and giving us so much to love about her.

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