Saturday, January 10, 2009

Junk Drawer

As in, this is a 'junk drawer' kind of post. Did everyone have a junk drawer growing up? I certainly did, but for some reason I don't have one of my own now. Perhaps because we don't have enough room to dedicate to it, but I would love to have a place that could accumulate loose odds and ends with no form of organization, guilt-free. I love organization, but am not always there, so the inevitable places and spaces that fail to live up to those fantasies haunt me and deem me inadequate and feel chaotic. But I digress... this is that kind of post, since I have been so lame lately. Also, the photos are out of order because I loaded them stupidly, so in addition to being random, it is also chronologically incorrect. So.
Timm's parents and youngest brother came to visit for a brief day and a half (!) from D.C. It was great to have them here for New Years, but it was altogether too brief.
Nana with Bella and Fiona. Bella sure loves it when either one of her sets of grandparents come, and luckily they both live close enough to see us often. Incidentally, Nana said that my photos of of Fi don't do her justice and that she is much cuter in person, so I will have to try and vindicate her.
Bella also had a great time with her uncle Jake, or 'Jacob' as he insists on being called. She took to him immediately even though I'm not sure she remembered him from the last time she saw him. I enjoy my in-law's company very much, but one of the best parts of their trip involved the gifting of a chest freezer! I don't want to say the best part, but maybe. That's only indicative of how much I love and appreciate the freezer rather, and not a commentary on the pleasure of their company. I haven't yet draped myself over it, pin-up style, setting the timer on my camera to capture the essence of my adoration, but it's coming. Oh, it's coming.
Another object of my affection recently is the game Ticket to Ride, which was also given to us by said Nana and Papa. We love that we can play it with just the 2 of us, but now we've indoctrinated our friends the Smiths into it so we all enjoy it together.

One of my recent successful trips couponing. Of course I planned to outline the exact cost vs. savings, ratios and percentages, but that was a while ago and I've had several trips since then. This was a triple-coupon weekend at Harris Teeter- Sweet! Friday I hit Bloom for triples again, which for you local Southerners they plan to do once monthly, so theoretically you could save all your shopping and do it once a month with triples!
It took a lot of preparation, but I enjoyed it and it was worth it.
And now for something completely different. (Monty Python reference- anyone, anyone?)
Timm's most recent allergic reaction to Leopard wood. Am I the only one who thinks it's funny in a sad ironic way that Timm the woodworker is allergic to wood? Yes? Too bad. It gets progressively worse with every contact he has, so he is now banned from any interaction with said wood. He sent the last to Lincoln, which is what induced this particular reaction.
And finally, Bella's attempt to soothe Fiona while I was busy. I will frequently say something like, 'Bella, go talk to Fiona for a minute- give her a toy, talk her baby talk...' Apparently she had latched onto the toy-giving approach, burying her sister in toys but unbelievingly still failing to soothe her. A wonder.
And now that I'm caught up I will hopefully be able to resume a regular blogging habit. Also, ones of my goals is to start commenting again- not sure exactly when I fell off there... Fingers crossed!


katie said...

Did you know that you can play ticket to ride online... there is a code on the back of your instructions. You can play with family, make up your own private game. I love it.

Europe is a great game too.

Our Albertsons here, had a huge sale. I love the feeling of saving money.

Denise said...

I have heard so much about this game--I want to play it, too! Where do I get it?

What I wouldn't do for a chest freezer. That sure is nice of your in-laws.

I have one junk drawer in the basement, but not in my kitchen where I really need one. I've never identified it as you did, but it is freeing to have a guilt-free place to put things you're not ready to throw away.

Blog comments? I'll believe it when I see it. I've been trying to entice you with cute photos of Moosey, but apparently it's not working.

charlotte said...

I love Ticket to Ride! It's super fun. I am thoroughly impressed with your couponing zest--in my final editing class this semester, we have to make a magazine as a class, and we were thinking about doing a budget food magazine. Perhaps I could persuade my fellow staff members to include a Jessie-the-Master-Couponer column. . . .

I love Bella's older sister instincts; I probably acted similarly as a three-year-old.

And I would love blog comments, but like Mom, will believe it when I see it ;)

michelle said...

I have never seen the American Ticket to Ride board, so it took me off-guard. We are really enjoying that game as well.

I want a chest freezer, too! Wonderful gift.

Sadly, I have about 4 junk drawers. Not entirely guilt-free.

I love the picture of your shopping list. But the time-consuming nature of it all is definitely overwhelming to me.

Commenting... I'll believe it when I see it as well!

michelle said...

p.s. I do think it is very sad that Timm has such a violent reaction to a wood! Especially if it is one he likes. The irony.

Diana said...

I have been using coupons are you so proud of me :)
I am glad the visit was so fun with Timm's parents.
Lou's sister and husband love that game, I haven't ever played it.. wish I could play with you guys.
And yes it is so sad that Timm is allergic to a type of wood .

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