Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pre-Valentine Festivities

Today was a pretty good day. I've been having a few of those lately it seems. I am working on 2 of the things on my 101 list that I have yet to complete and post, and they seem to be having a beneficial effect. Starting Sunday I took on a. giving up soda, and b. getting ready every day for a month. (Sadly, a monumental feat.)The getting ready is great because it automatically forces me to participate, to really start my day, to be and feel ready for anything. Funny thing. Here are some memorable parts of my day:
Some cute things that will make an appearance for Valentine's Day...stay tuned.
Apparently I told Bella to do this. I walked out into the kitchen and stammered, 'Bella? What-Why did you do this?' 'You told me to.' 'I did?' Huh. When she woke me up and tried to pry me from bed I guess I told her to go open a box of Apple Jacks. I looked in the pantry, and it was completely disheveled since she had to rummage through to find it in the storage. Then she used her scissors ('They're pretty snippy.') and did a number on the box and bag. Resourceful. I like that.
Bella had a Valentine's Day party at Joy School today and luckily for me, Karilee was in charge. She had them make these cute Valentine's holders that were a bit involved. I hope nobody tells Bella that hers was the ugliest one, due to my assistance. Despite my 'craftiness' I'm not very good with common sense and don't always follow directions too well. Oh well, it still holds her Valentine's.
Bella's friend Ashley. She's not really strangling her, not on purpose anyway.
Next we met Linda for lunch at Q'Doba. We haven't done that in far too long. Linda is so nice to treat us, and it's fun to go out in the middle of the day with just us girls. Coincidentally there were 2 other friends from our ward there so we talked and laughed for about an hour and a half. I left feeling rejuvenated, buoyed, embraced and cheerful. So good. I need a table of girl talk more often, preferably accompanied by burritos.
The light was great and Linda and Fi both looked so cute together so I was trying to snap some quick photos while Fiona writhed and tried to suck on Linda's bottom lip. Unfortunately I didn't have time to focus so they're all blurry. You can still see the love. Linda is so cute with her!
Incidentally, I realize that my writing in the last couple posts is very dry, boring and poorly done. I was trying to write while watching Survivor. Bad choice.


Susan said...

So good to hear some reports!

Those beautiful blue eyes are definitely a Taylor/Tanner trait! Good work.

You sound happy and that makes me feel good at the end of a looooooong day.

I really feel thankful for LInda.

Love you. And, those beautiful blue eyes!

Bridget said...

It was good to catch up on what's going on! Very cute pictures. Jealous that you can have a yard sale this time of year! Can I join you for the March yard sale?! I need to dejunk my house!
LOVED the video of Fiona-makes me remember that this pregnancy thing is all worth it:-)

Jill said...

Congratulations on the successful application of a couple of your goals! I think getting ready for the day is a HUGE accomplishment and really makes a big difference in your attitude and self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

Great recap. I am excited to see what that cute felt is :)

Hooray for girl table time with burritos. We all need that from time to time.

michelle said...

Accomplishing goals always makes me feel great, no matter how small they may seem.

It's so fun to see Bella with those ponytails that look exactly like yours did when you were little!

A table of girl talk, accompanied by burritos, is an antidote to many ills...

I'm cracking up over Mom telling you good work. For creating those pretty blue eyes, I take it?

rmt said...

I am excited to read your 101 list.
Getting ready every day for a month would be HUGE for me, too. Maybe I should add that to my list!

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