Friday, March 06, 2009

She says...

On a funny note, in her prayers the other night Bella said: 'Thank you for the monsters that don't live in our house.'
But a few Sundays ago I scribbled this conversation, while driving, that Bella and I had on our way to church. It started when she asked if we could go to McDonald's and I reminded her that we don't do things like that on Sunday, and briefly explained why.

B: Does Satan go shopping?
J: Er, maybe. Sure, he goes all the time on Sundays.
B: I really want to get baptized.
J: Really? Why?
B: I want to show Satan that you have to get baptized.
J: Well, you know you need to wait until you're eight.
B: Yeah, that's when I want to tell him. I want to tell him when I die. Why does Satan not want to get baptized?
J: Satan didn't want to follow God and His commandments.
B: Well I want to do what God asks me to do. That's why I want to get baptized.


B: Does Satan always go to McDonald's?

Then she sung Fiona a lullaby to calm her her crying. What a girl, She surprises me every day.


Anonymous said...

Crap, Bella is going to think I buddy up with the devil cause I shop on Sunday! Eeeep! :)

I love that she is thankful for the monsters that don't live there. So awesome!

Jill said...

This is a beautiful photo of Bella, and such a great conversation.

Susan said...

Goodness, Bella looks soooooooo old in that photo! I love it. (except for the old part....)

I can just hear the conversation next time you go through the drive through at McDonalds! Keep up informed on that one.

Very sweet dialoge. I like her thinking.

michelle said...

She has pretty deep thoughts for a 3-year-old!

emily said...

Hahaha. I'll think twice before I grab some french fries from the McDonald's value menu next time. So great that she's so excited to get baptized and do what the Lord wants her to do!

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