Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sping Break

Timm's home for the entire next week for Spring Break. One of the benefits of a poorly paid teaching position-regularly scheduled breaks. And just so he doesn't get carried away or spoiled or anything, he'll still be working his other 2 jobs. Red Robin a couple of nights this week and swim lessons on Saturday. Can't let the boy get soft, now can we?
Our agenda for the week is yard work. Woohoo! Since Timm works the aforementioned jobs, he only has one day off a week, Sunday, which leaves us zero time for projects of any sort. We lack the Saturday that the majority of Americans rely on for their lawn mowing, odd jobs, and slovenly indulgences. Well, he lacks that- I don't. I'm just tending to diapers, spit ups and tantrums rather than tasks with more empirical evidence.
Anyway, we are using the small amount of our tax refund that did not go to our credit card and other bills to fund this venture. It's pretty basic since we lack the money to fully realize our vision and we have done very little since we bought the place.
As with all projects I undertake, even if only in my mind, I have quickly become obsessed. My waking (and some sleeping) hours are spent dreaming of shutters, paint colors, window planters, exterior lights and perennials. Damn that money hindrance again. Oh well, for now we will rake up the front beds, till, fertilize, trim, plant a few things and remove a thing or two. Baby steps. That still leaves the back yard (a bigger project in every sense on the word-), the sides, the physical exterior of the house itself. Maybe if mom and dad are feeling like another service-oriented birthday gift I could propose a few things.
And for the record, mulch, fertilizer and a few basic yard and garden tools add up amazingly fast. Here's to hoping that one day my house is not blue, our lawn does not have a 50/50 grass to weeds ratio, and maybe, just maybe someday soon it could even look like the inviting and cozy refuge it feels like inside.
Progress reports to come. I fear my own contributions may not be quite equitable to Timm's, due to the little 6 month Fi and the limitations she imposes. She's worth it. That's what I tell myself when the daily mundane tasks of domesticity seem to mount around me, anyway.


michelle said...

How much do I love that photo?? I love seeing a glimpse of Bella in the background.

It is amazing how much even basic thing add up. And the leaps your mind can make once you get started. I hope you have a great week with Timm home -- I'm going to be attacking my yard as well.

Susan said...

Ditto on the photo comment by Michelle!

Good luck on the entire project! (Too bad, so sad Sneelock isn't there.....)

Tasha said...

I wish I could start yard work! We still have snow here.

Enjoy your time with Timm!

Anonymous said...

I love the first days of spring yard work! It is so satisfying to pull and dig and clean and put things in order with the anticipation of what is to come.

rmt said...

That photo is amazing! Seriously, you should frame that.

I am in charge of yard work this year at my brother's house...I hope that I can get into it as much as you do!

Diana said...

Lucky you Spring Break. I love that your working in the yard like I said earlier just sounds so grown up!
I can't wait to see the finished project either!

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