Thursday, May 07, 2009

Always Good For a Laugh

Bella is always good for entertainment, as well as a heartwarming reassurance that vocabulary and an appreciation of words is not lost on the young. I'm pleased to reflect on my own conversations and see my daily influence on her impressions and expressions. Here are a few gems in no particular order, to each their own context, from my not-yet 4 year-old.

General words and expressions:

'This is trash, however.'
'As a matter of fact...'
'I'll take that as a yes.'
'I'd prefer to put it over here.'
'I'm just trying to be helpful.'
'It's going to be a puppet show, most likely.'
'I would be delighted to help you.'

A couple of nights ago we had tilapia and gave her some. Her response: 'I'd have this anytime! This is Delicious!'
She regularly tells people we meet on the street that they 'can come over anytime!'
Today in Joy School we were talking about belonging, and the most important group we belong to, our family. While trying to prompt the answer that family are the most important people Bella told me: 'Jill. I love her very, very much.' While I don't disagree, it was seemingly very random. Bella hasn't seen Jill since last July, so apparently she has left quite an impression.
'Won't it be sad when I get to be a grown up?' (No, it'll be fun- why, you don't want to grow up?) No, I want to stay to a kid.' very astute.
She was trying to cajole me into reading a book that I said was too long and we didn't have time for. 'Can you read half? (no.) A third? (no.) A fifth? (no!)

Recently she told me out of the blue that she misses her aunt, who she clarified as Michelle. Now often when she is sad she will also cry out that she misses Michelle. This has caused a great increase in one of her favorite role-playing games in which I play Michelle. Luckily for me I don't really have to affect any change or character, I just go about my business with the understanding that I am Shell. I only know that we're playing this game when Bella will ask me a question directed at Michelle. Yesterday was the most I have had to perform in a single day, about 50/50.

Today Fiona was stalking her as she often does since B is her favorite person. Bella was getting frustrated and cried out 'Fiona!! You are a very cute baby, but I LOVE YOU!' in a tone that did not match her words. Her tone was more suited for an insulting tirade.

That's all I can recall at the moment, but I jot these things down and least once or twice a day. Ah, she's a weirdo. A well-vocabulated weirdo. (That's for you Rin!)


Jill said...

It's so great that you're so good about writing Bella's isms down, they're so entertaining and endearing.

I'm delighted to be included in Bella's list of most important people! Either she's got a keen memory or no memory at all! Ha.

Her game of having you pretend to be Michelle is quite clever. I'd be a better playmate to my kids if I was pretending to be someone else.

Anonymous said...

I love all these! I love when little kids use big words...and you playing the role of Michelle is just plain cute.

Rin said...

I'm glad that I could help vocabulate you. :)

Susan said...

I, too, love Bella-isms! (Well, who doesn't may I ask?)

All I can say is that no one, not one of my children, my nieces, my nephews, my son, my husband...well,you get the picture..would never suppose that I could role-play good enough to be Michelle! Good going on that one.

Thanks, Bella! You are amazing.

michelle said...

These are awesome. Please don't ever stop writing down what Bella says!

Man I wish I could get Eva to emulate the way I talk. From her behavior, you would think I yelled and cried and told her I didn't like her anymore...

Sophie said...

Bella is quite possibly my favorite person in the WORLD! And its kinda embarrassing that she has a much better vocabulary than I do.
I love my sunday "teasings" in which I try to convince her that the raisins she is eating, are rat poop. And that sticking them in her ears, while this is quite fun can lead to potential deafness. :) She is amazing.

charlotte said...

Bella is too cute! I'll be sad too when she gets to be a grown-up--the things she will say won't be as cute!

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