Monday, June 08, 2009

Birthday Wish List

Well, my mom has requested this list of ideas since at first all I had to offer in the way of suggestions was : Sewing stuff, Gardening Stuff, and Running Stuff.
I still don't have too many specific ideas so I am listing any and everything that comes to mind. Practical or not, large and small. Just thinking out loud. Or in type.

This bike from Target!! I love it! I've been wanting a new bike lately for several reasons. As I am running I want/need to have another activity for cross-training/rest days and the end of our street connects to the Greenway which is a fantastic place for bike-riding. I've even thought about doing a triathalon at some point. This bike caught my eye for it's obvious good-looks, but I was then impressed with it's price and the fact that it is in fact more of a mountain bike-style than a sissy but cute Cruiser.

The Creative Family- For the most part I have given up buying books. I use our library religiously and am there at least once a week with as many as 20 books out at a time. Unless it is an all-time favorite that I will read and reference again and again, I will save money and paper by using the library. However, there are a few books worth owning and treasuring. These are a few of them.
Handmade Home- preorder!
Bend-the Rules Sewing- I've already checked this out twice, renewing it as many times as they would allow each time. I've yet to actually make any of these things yet however...
I Love Dirt! Just stumbled on this and it looks cool!

Sewing stuff- fabrics, notions, tools...stuff.

Running stuff- this heart rate monitor/watch or something similar to track distance, time, heart rate.
Gardening stuff-um... I don't know. Plants, exterior home makeover... OH! Window boxes!! I REALLY want 2 window boxes for my front windows.

A tummy tuck.

Exercise pants. Capri length.

iTunes gift cards.

gift cards of any kind.

Cooking Light subscription.

Okay, here's some actual gardening ideas: Containers of all kinds. I want to do herbs and some veggies on my deck. I'm also doing flowers everywhere, and at some point want to build some raised beds in the backyard to do a real garden. So, $ at Home Depot or nurseries or dad's help making my garden :)

Dad's help building a small chicken coop. I'm totally serious. This could be an entirely service -oriented birthday and that would be rad. Service and chicken-oriented.

Painting my house.

Cute hair.

A swimsuit-ready body.

A housekeeper.

Boundless energy, at least 4 more hours in every day, or the amphetamines to make it appear so.

Teleportation device for friends and family, namely Michelle and Hannah.

So as you can see, I would be happy with anything from thread to a new exterior of my house. I'm really not picky, unless anyone's thinking of giving me the Swine Flu, tickets to Jerry Springer, or a pet ostrich. (They're pretty cranky birds.)

Or a card. Or an email. Or just happy thoughts-we're all just getting older.


Denise said...

I like the ideas of a tummy tuck, a swimsuit-ready body, and a housekeeper. I think I'll put those on my list for next year!

Susan said...

This list will certainly take some digestion! Thanks for the tips....I think!

Diana said...

what a list. Hope you get something nice.

emily said...

I'd come be your housekeeper any day!

michelle said...

I thought you had given up on having chickens!!

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