Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sewing Progress

This is my most recent sewing attempt: Doll #5, made for Bella's friend Ashley's birthday party. I made the whole thing last night from about 8pm-2:30 am.
It is the closest thing to my vision that I have created thus far, albeit with some obvious if not egregious errors.
She's a fairy with wings and a removable tulle skirt. Her hair is made of fleece, her trunk of an upcycled sheet, and her body muslin. Her face is hand-embroidered.

My main complaints are the arms- they're a little wonky as you can probably tell from the way they stand away from the body- and the head/neck region has some issues. I need to further tweak the pattern, but so far doll #5 is the most successful.

I need any input though- Honest constructive criticism, the good, the bad and the ugly. Would you buy this? What would you pay for it or expect to pay on etsy? What features do you like and what would you change?
Once I get this pattern the way that I like it I have ideas for many variations.


Jill said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I think she turned out very cute, I especially like her eyes and the flower in her hair.

paws said...

I wouldn't change a thing about her head - the color, shape, and stitching of her hair, the embroidered face, and the cute little flower - all perfect!

I would suggest making the wings more prominent (i.e. bigger), less bulky (perhaps a sheer, wired fabric?), and lighter in color.

I like that the skirt is removable. I suggest using velcro to make it easier to take on and off for play.

The shape and length of the legs is just right, and I agree with you about the arms. Their shape and length are also good, but the way they are attached to the body that makes them hang unnaturally. Maybe rounding the top corners of the torso would smooth things out? I'm not sure, though. Sewing isn't my area of expertise.

I like the fact that the trunk is patterned, but would prefer the colors to be a shade or two lighter for more visual interest. It would be really cute for the bright pink hair to pop out as the most prominent feature, or, alternatively, for the wings to pop as the brightest part.

I would be willing to pay $30 plus s/h for a doll like this if she came with a few extra skirts and was washable.

michelle said...

Pretty darn cute! My favorite part is the removable skirt. And the hair.

lelly said...

i wish i could give you some advice here, but i currently have an unfinished doll that has been sitting in my bedroom for 10 years (!) without a face!!

(i bet it would be cute to package a matchy tulle skirt for the receipient of the doll...)

Miranda said...

So cute. Those wings and that skirt are to die for! I agree with your complaints about the arms. I recently sewed a doll that had arms that just came out diagonal from the body...if that makes sense. Someday I'll blog about it (maybe).

Diana said...

how cute!

Susan said...

WAY cute! I still might like the "surprise upturned arms" the mistake one!

Cute for sure!

Michelle said...

I love the fabric on the wings, but would definitely make them bigger. With the arms, I kind of like their wonkiness - but maybe sew them in at a 45 degree angle or make them a part of the trunk-all one piece. You are very talented!!

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