Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1. Thankful that I got the girls and I home with enough gas. We only had about $10 in the bank until Timm got paid but I was pretty sure I was running on fumes. After praying to deliver me home safely and quickly I was prompted not to be an idiot and get a tiny bit of gas to ensure I got home instead of praying for a miracle of the gas that lasted for 8 days, er miles...I got a whopping $5 worth, and I when I started the car it was still on 'E', the gas light on, and it told me I had 0 miles left to go on the tank. So, I guess it was really empty. Also at the time, Fiona had been screaming in the car for 30 minutes and I was loathe to make any stops, prolonging the agony, but then I imagined what it would be like if we actually broke down with her. That scared me straight.
2.Thankful for a new pumpkin pasta sauce I made last night. Super fast and easy, pretty cheap, and Bella said it tasted amazing. Timm won't eat it (the pumpkin, you know...) but you can't please everyone.
3. Thankful for Fiona's emerging vocabulary, even when it's only 'mama'. Especially when it's 'mama'.


Anonymous said...

I love that you felt prompted to not be an idiot :)

I put $3 in the other day cause I was on fumes and payday was a couple days away. $3 in change...but it got me where I needed to go!

Where is this pumpkin sauce recipe?!?

michelle said...

Oh my! I am glad you stopped for gas! And your prompting made me smile.

Fiona says mama! Oh, nothing sweeter.

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