Sunday, January 31, 2010


One benefit of being poor is the opportunity it gives you to expand your skill set- to learn new things, develop new talents. Such was the case on Wednesday when Timm did the brakes on the Maxima. Previously he had done some brakes on the van with Paul's assistance, but this was his first foray into the world of brakes alone. I was proud. Car repair is sexy.
Carolina storm 2010 hit Charlotte on Friday. I took a somewhat mocking video that I can't get to load, but it turned out to be a bonafide snow storm- for here, anyway.

It's 2 days later and everything's been shut down for the last 2 days. No work for Timm Saturday,church canceled today, tomorrow's still up in the air. We got about 4 inches, but then the wintry mix came down and froze it all. With temperatures still in the teens and 20's the roads are iced over. 2 bits of interesting news in the wake of the storm: human remains found in West Charlotte by some kids playing in the snow and a semi who skidded off I-77 and came within a foot or two of plummeting into Lake Norman. Can you imagine driving that beast?
And that's what's happening in my neck in the woods- back to you.


Jill said...

Wow, that's crazy that Timm is doing the brakes on the Maxima. I think my car is going to need some brake help soon and Randy and I don't have the skills to pull that off.

Your weather sounds rather frightening, but it's nice that things were canceled and you can hibernate at home together in coziness. Timm must really be loving the chance to just relax at home with his 3 girls.

Dad/Fred said...

Nice to have some quite, relaxing time at home with the kids. We did not get any snow from the storm, it ran out just south of us.

Good for Timm and the brakes! I will keep him in mind for some help when my brakes need replacing...

michelle said...

I'm totally impressed with Timm's skills! Never underestimate the value of having a handyman around.

What a cozy stay-at-home weekend for you guys. I can never imagine church being canceled. And I can't believe you got an actual winter storm!

emily said...

Oh, man, I had a dream that I was trying to drive a semi, but I was completely out of control. I would have gone way into Lake Norman.

And hooray for snow days! I love hibernation.

Love you!

Susan said...

Love Timm taking the road to self-reliance! Go, Timm!

Sounds like a cozy Sunday to me, and I could really use one. Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Southerners...what the?!

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