Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Easing My Way In

I don't know why I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Except for Valentine's creating not a lot has been going on, and I think that is precisely the problem. Maybe a bit of boredom? So in an attempt to jump back in I am compiling a very random list of thoughts.

I am on a roll with cooking and baking lately, if I do say so myself. Such as: Potato Soup, Whole Wheat Miracle Bread (with a bit of brown sugar addition), Bran Muffins, Enchiladas, Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry, BBQ Chicken Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust, Denise's Sugar Cookies with buttercream frosting, Red Velvet cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting- (Cooking Light recipe, simply divine.) I'm sure there are others, but those stand out in my mind right now. Tomorrow- BBQ Chicken Potpie, some baked oatmeal...

Bella, to friend Emily- with this exact pause and emphasis:
"My dad's big.
My dad's strong.
My dad's.....bald."

I currently have disfiguring acne. Seriously. I am nearing 30 and this is the worst I can remember it being since I was on Acutane as a teenager. What gives? I'm sure my diet is a lot to blame since I have had somewhat of an explosion of sugar to my diet in the last couple/few months, bt come on. It's out of control and I wish my FSA covered Proactive. I want to give it a try. If it's good enough for Miss Molly's old classmate Jessica Simpson, it...might be good enough for me.

My plans to make my handmade Christmas gifts all throughout the year have yet to see any progress. The problem is that people keep on having birthdays! Quit it already! I have enough to make without you going and celebrating another year of life. Seriously, some consideration please. And holidays?? Enough already!

I can't wait to get a piano and paint it some awesome green. Also, I've always wanted to play guitar. Also, to me 'alos' has become a word since I always mistype it for also.

I am going to do Super Doubles at Harris Teeter so I need to go get a'cuttin.

Hopefully this eased my entry so I can resume regular blogging about things of no import.


michelle said...

This post is highly enjoyable to me. I welcome all minutia. Also, (or alos) I want to know more about brown sugar in the wheat bread. And the red velvet cupcakes.

And, since I can't mention it on my blog... she faked her own kidnapping!! heee heeee

Amy said...

I'm so jealous about the double coupons! Nobody does that here, and since Albertsons is no longer the great (easy) coupon deals have all but dried up.

Welcome back to the blogging world!

Diana said...

I've missed your posts.
I wish I lived behind you still so I could benefit from your cooking and baking.

emily said...

I love this post. Your recipes sounds delicious (probably because I have eaten several of them, and love them all.)

Bella is too funny. I wish I could be one of her friends, because then I could have funny conversations with her all the time!

kimmerbean said...

We use the generic form of ProActiv called AcneFree and we love it! You can buy it in the 3-step kit but we just buy the Oil Free Purifying Cleanser. I've seen the 3-step kits at Sams, Walmart, etc., but have only been able to find the cleanser by itself at Target.

Allison P. said...

I'm a totally random lurker (I discovered your sister's blog long ago and sometimes link over here). I bought some proactiv at Costco last summer when I was dealing with some pregnancy acne, but it cleared up before I had a chance to use any of it. I did open up the cleanser and used it once, but the rest of the kit is still in its sealed packaging. I was going to toss it because it expires in a few months, but If you want it, email me with your mailing address and I will send it along.

Anonymous said...

I miss this kind of hit and get blogging of yours. Minutia is the best. I love being on a cooking/baking kick, it feels so empowering and in control.

They double coupons in Austin...I seriously put that in the pro column.

I am so with you on the acne thing...how am I 28 and dealing with it like I never did as a teen? I haven't taken a SP in ages. Ugh.

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