Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Off

This summer Timm made me a wonderful offer. He's not teaching, only working at Little Otter, so his schedule is more flexible and he's home more. He decided that Wednesdays would be his day off and he would take the girls to their swim lessons and give me the morning to myself. He went on to sweeten the deal further by offering to take them to do any errands I needed, or take them out to lunch, or whatever else I wanted. He even gets up with them and does breakfast and gets them ready to go so I can stay in bed! It's amazing really. Never underestimate how valuable a little time off is for a mother of small children. It's immeasurable.
This week I really made the most of my time rather than try and do anything productive or lounge around watching a Lifetime movie. I don't know why this didn't occur to me before I only had 2 weeks of this deal left, but I went to the pool on Wednesday morning by myself. We go to the pool a lot, but I am never without a child in my arms or within my reach, I can never actually swim, and nothing other than my face and shoulders ever see the sun.
The pool.
I brought along the necessary supplies: Timm's ipod, a book, Coke Zero, and sunglasses.
I laid out trying to get some sun to this pasty body before we go to the beach in a week. I spent the better part of two hours laying out, then cooling off during adult swim at the end of the hour.
 Of course my swimsuit is not actually strapless (Oh, the horror-) I undid the halter to try and erase my odd 'tan' line on my neck and repeatedly reminded myself not to roll over lest I have a very embarrassing and publicly horrifying accident.
 The pool was very enjoyable, but it got better still. I went home to an empty house and got ready. I got to put on my brand-new makeup, courtesy of a gift card to Ulta from Denise, a store credit and cash from my mom. I love new makeup- It's like having a brand new face!
 I got ready in peace, then sneaked out to go get my hair cut, also courtesy of mom. ( I neglected to take pictures of this because of the heinous styling that occurred after an otherwise good cut. This was my first non-Great Clips cut in I don't know how long. It felt extremely luxurious to actually have my hair washed, cut, then styled and even get a brief scalp massage! After that I went to the library, the grocery store, then to Molly's to check her mail for her.
 This was the first time I'd seen her house since she moved 2 weeks ago. I did not appreciate the sign in the yard, or the barren empty interior I saw when I cupped my hands and peered into her door.
 I also got to wear a new outfit courtesy of my mom! (Just to recap, that was new makeup-and thus a new face- a new haircut and a new outfit, all courtesy of my mom and Denise.)
When I came home the girls were in nap & quiet time so I had still more time to myself, during which I did passively watch a Lifetime movie whilst playing a game on Timm's ipod. Later that night Timm took the girls out again for dinner while I enjoyed some more peace at the pool, although shady evening poolside was not nearly as enjoyable and hot morning poolside. I came home and put Fiona to bed and then Timm and I hung out for a while before going to bed.
What a great day.
Like I said, never underestimate the value of a day off every now again for a mother of small children. It is so rejuvenating and restorative, and perhaps best of all it makes me realize that I do in fact love my kids and enjoy being a mother, most of the time.
Only one more of these free days before we go to the beach, then Timm goes on a 2-week business trip, then it's back to the daily grind of work and school. I think I may spend next Wednesday poolside again, this time trying to blend the line my sunglasses left on my face- not an attractive tan line. It's like a reverse raccoon.
(Incidentally, laying out for 2 hours still did not bring any color to my pasty incandescent legs. It's like they're impervious to the rays of the sun.)


michelle said...

That IS a most wonderful offer! Free time is the best gift a mother can get (well, other than righteous children, of course).

Looks like you really made the most of it!

Claudissima said...

wow Jessie those are cute pictures at the pool....and oh that makeup looks soo nice, I have to buy soo many items...its been sooo is a very appeasing photo how fun to have those gifts....and the gift of free time...I really think Michelle is right ohhh sooo right here.

Jill said...

Timm is a wise, wise man. It's a shame there aren't more wise men like that out there, they'd end up being happier because of it I'm sure!

Rin said...

Wow! That is incredible! I love getting new makeup too! I truly have an addiction to's awful because they always offer these value sets I can't refuse! Ugh.

JessWilson said...

Sounds Heavenly! What a great guy to recognize the value (for the whole family) of some Mommy free-time.

P.S. I know I never comment but I really love your blog. Your thoughts and all the cute creative things you come up with are very inspiring. You are so talented and beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us all. Have a great day! :)

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Fantastic day! Kuddos to Timm! Where did you end up getting your hair cut? Natalie's new place?

Diana said...


PS I really like your hair. It is really really cute on you.

Susan said...

Michelle has the right idea for sure.

Sadly, at the time of this comment...summer is almost over!

Fun post. I'm way behind!

Susan said...

Michelle has the right comment, for sure.

Sadly, at the time of the long overdue comment...summer is at it's end.

Cute post.

Susan said...

just to let you know that I'm having serious computer issues...and along with that I'm a bit paranoid and thought my comment wasn't accepted.


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