Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Gifts for Little Girls

I am so glad I had little girls because what would I sew for them otherwise? I started making dolls about a year ago, and according to my count I have finished 5 dolls (all girls) and started and at least 4 more in varying degrees of completion.Since I am insistent on making my own patterns entirely from scratch, it has been a learning process. Especially since I am almost completely self-taught and I haven't ever read or even looked at a 'real' pattern. Finally, with this one for Fiona I got as close as I have ever gotten. It is almost just as I would have it and I am looking forward to beginning the next one and getting closer to the final product.
Incidentally, one evening when I was becoming increasingly frustrated with a construction issue, I emailed Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls and just hoped she could take a minute and offer some advice. She was wonderful! She emailed me back within minutes, and we relayed back and forth a couple of times. I really appreciated her willingness and attentiveness. Plus, her stuff is super cute, so check out her book!

I also made her a dress, a quilt, and a pillow. I had wanted Timm to make her a cradle but I asked at the last minute so that will have to wait until Christmas.
Her birthday crown, again.
Michelle had the fantastic idea that my birthday crowns would make a great birthday gift. Duh! Bella was invited to a birthday party tonight with only two days notice. I didn't feel like spending any more late nights pursuing my doll perfection ambition, so I whipped this up while Fiona napped.

Then I added a wand to go with it, equally improvised.
I didn't have any wrapping supplies or car to get any, so I improvised here as well. I wrapped up the crown in fabric and tied the wand on with a ribbon.
Is it cute, or hobo-esque?
 Apparently it's also really hard when it is a friend's birthday and not your own. Since I made these last 2 crowns Bella has informed me that she wants her crown to be taller, she wants a bow on hers, ribbon ties on the back, embroidered stars, fabric on the back, and a wand. Poor Bella, always gets the dregs of my creativity. Right. (Case in point: notice her handmade shirt and skirt, which she begs to wear every day. Ahem.)


Jill said...

The crowns and wands are so brilliant!

Watson Family said...

Gorgeous, lovely... everything!!!

michelle said...

I love it all! Your dolls are way too cute, and I can't even imagine making up a pattern. The quilt and pillow, also brilliant.

I can't imagine a little girl alive who wouldn't love one of those crowns (and wands). I'm sure Eva would!

Petey said...

I also love your dolls and crowns! I wish I could be that creative but mine has to stew around for years before anything worth while comes out.

Denise said...

LOVE the birthday crowns. LOVE THEM. Your creativity continues to amaze me, as does your ability to just make up things without patterns! I especially love the smile on the doll pictured.

Poor Bella, indeed!

Miranda said...

I can't believe you make those dolls without patterns. They are beautiful! I don't think I do anything without some type of pattern. I absolutely need to make a crown for Z's birthday this year.

Susan said...

WAY too cute, indeed. And what's with no patterns?? That just bowls me over. I don't get it. How???

Yes, Bella really got the short end of the stick....NOT!

Great creative designs. I'm sure she was the hit of the party.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those are awesome.

michelle said...

p.s. Eva saw me looking at these pictures and immediately said, "I want some of those!"

Melissa Marilyn said...

So, I am secretly wishing for a crown and wand! Oh, to be little again. You are so incredibly talented Jessie! Bella and Fiona are so blessed that you are their mommy.

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