Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween, On Delay.

I'm seems I'm behind in most of my duties and projects lately, and blogging is no exception.
Let's stop wasting more time and move on already.
Fiona was everyone's favorite burlesque ladybug, which has made appearances on Bella and Mia in years past. The racy features are much cuter and more prominent when she is not wearing a turtleneck, but since Halloween fell in late October this year we tried to keep her warm. You'll have to use your imagination.
Gasp-the same costume! How embarrassing. 
Bella was the 'BellaBot 2010', as designed by Timm and I. I'm pleased she was excited about the robot, since I devised the plan last year. Her friend Naomi below, was mystified when she rattled off the list of Bella's possible costumes, none of which were correct. I think she went through princess, fairy, and mermaid before she was out of ideas as if to say, what else is there for a 5-year old girl? Certainly not a robot.
Not just any robot- We went to the typical box of hard drives, motherboards and electrical parts that everyone keeps in the garage and got to work. A little hot glue and we're set, complete with knobs that really turn. Her arms were effectively immobilised encased in the dryer hose, so we cut a door into the front of the box. We inserted a key dangling from it, and affixed a pillowcase to the interior where people would drop her candy. She adopted a speech she promptly delivered at every candy donor: "Trick or Treat. Please put the candy in my door. Thank you." People kept saying "Her arms aren't really in there, are they?" which made me wonder where they thought her hands were coming from. In their defense, the arms are hanging at a very unnatural angle.
It was a big hit, what can I say?


Molly Krauss Smith said...

Ahhh - the burlesque ladybug flies again! Fiona looks adorable! And I simply love Bella's costume. There's something to be said for creative Halloween costumes. Only wish I could have been there.

michelle said...

The Bellabot is simply brilliant. I assume she recited her trick or treating mantra in robot voice? Love that last picture of all of you!

Jill said...

A burlesque ladybug that's hilarious. I thought for sure Fiona would be a pirate this year, was that one even in the running?

Bellabot is so funny, what a creative idea. I love the dryer hose arms and the door for the candy.

rmt said...

So so cute! Love the Bellabot costume!:) And Fiona is the cutest ladybug I've ever seen.

Denise said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creative ways. LOVE B's costume! Also love your guest-blog post on Narrating Life.

Sophie said...
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Sophie said...

Hahaha! That ladybug costume. The first time Bella tried it on will be FOREVER engraved in my mind. I believe we have pictures of her in it at home. The racy version of course.

Fiona is adorable as always. :) Happy to see she wasn't permanently attached to my dad's arm. This gives me hope for some attention when I come home for Christmas.

Bella's costume this year was AWESOME! I love that "put candy in my door" chant.

Gah I miss you guys.

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