Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Handmade Holiday 2010 Part One: Gifts for Men (and Boys)

Handmade gifts for the male gender are notoriously hard to pull off. This year I decided to freezer paper stencil everything. T-shirts. For all of my guy gifts. Part of me bristles at doing the same gift for more than one person- it seems mass-produced, or the opposite of my handmade ideals. However, sometimes (as you will see again in this series) the same gift (or same type of gift, in this scenario) is just right. Besides, there is always the ever important aspect of personalization.
I am not going to attempt to give you a tutorial that has been done a million times- Check out this great one!
This one for my brother was a little too dark... I attempted a cool tone-on-tone look, but it didn't quite work. Bonus points for anyone who knows what it is!
Break dancers for Marc!
Large Mouth Bass for fisherman-extraordinaire Miles.
Timm, of course.
Timm again.
I found that text is difficult. There are so many small points of contact to make with the iron, and if you are not super precise with your X-acto knife and your iron, there can be some bleeding. Reference, anyone? (So easy.)
More tricky text for Mr. Sam.
Timm. (He gets more because he's the husband.)
Lucas's, and perhaps my personal favorite.
Max- runner up?
Dad. Final opportunity for bonus points in this quiz- reference?
Timm's last one. I still can't tell if he actually liked it or was just humoring me.
So-there you have it. An entire gender checked off.


michelle said...

These are so great! Looks like some pretty tricky x-acto work to me.

I'm partial to the ones you made for my boys. And Sneelock.

Jill said...

You're a wonder of course to do all of these, wow! The text must have taken forever! (I love The Office quotes.)

I would like to see of your gift recipients model their shirts.

{natalie} said...

i love the shirts...what a great idea. i will have to file it away for next year when i'm stumped on ideas for my nephews.

i love the headphones and the scuba diver

Anonymous said...

I think I will use this for niece and nephew gifts this year- awesome! I can't believe i have never done freezer paper stencils before.

Tasha said...

Love them!

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Sam loved his T. And Timm -- he'll have quite the time working these new t's into rotation amongst the beloved physics t's. :-)

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