Friday, December 31, 2010

Handmade Holiday 2010 Part Three: Funky Decor

 I didn't try and reinvent the wheel much this Christmas, and I think I owe much of my productivity to that. I made everything in about 7 weeks- from start to finish, neighbors to classmates to friends to everyone in our family. I have an ever-running list of links to things I want to make in various folders, and come time to choose my gifts I start selecting and editing. This is the inspiration for these yarn and felt wreaths, although her shop is empty now, so check back after the New Year- her designs are awesome!
 I made this 12" monochromatic one for Miss Molly, and it was the sneak peek macro shot I posted a couple of weeks ago. (I didn't have good light so I had to prop them up on my sideboard, hence the oddly-placed glass knobs in the photos.)
 This 12" one for Shell, I think is my favorite-designed to coordinate with her chartreuse front door.
 I made this 10" one for Emily. The colors spoke to me- specifically they said "We would be perfect for Emily and her college apartment.".
I was inspired to make miniature versions for the girls' doors, so I found these 6" ones online.
 Bella's. I snazzied these ones up with little pompoms as well.
(Shown for scale.)
And a different kind of wreath- a button wreath, inspired by the ones I did last year. My mom wanted a replica on the one I made for Linda last year. (They are very low-tech as you can see from the corrugated cardboard the buttons are glued onto.)
Usually I would hang the wreath with a nice velvet ribbon, and preferably a pearl buckle, but alas, my studio was out of those supplies. I felt confident my mom, the recipient, could procure her own velvet ribbon.
These felt and yarn wreaths were my very favorite thing to create this year, despite the fact that Timm hated them and thought they resembled life preservers. I wanted to make so many, but I was afraid they were a little too 'crafty' for some. (i.e. my mom and Linda.) They are a bit funky to be sure, but I adore them. This was the kind of gift that you are so thrilled to have made, so proud of your accomplishment, but also unsure if it will be appreciated! That's always a risk you run when you create something, but especially when you make something so stylized. No matter what you make, you are always putting yourself out there, not to mention the potential pressure you put on the recipient. This year I may or may not have emailed Michelle to tell her how much I loved the gift I made for her, that it was perhaps my favorite gift I made so far, and that there was no pressure for her to love it as much as I did.


Charlotte said...

So I love these. Especially the button wreath. Before Christmas I bought supplies to make a felt rosette wreath. Can't wait to get that going.

I just think you're one of the most creative people I know.

Jill said...

Again, I am impressed with your vision, drive and all that you accomplished! I definitely wasn't working on gifts 7 weeks in advance.

michelle said...

I am totally impressed with all the handmade gifts you made - so many! I love Molly's. And the tiny ones for the girls are way cute!

I have wanted to make button wreaths for years. I have no idea why I never have...

KnockKnocking said...

Thanks for the mention dear!! You really did an amazing job, I bet everyone just loved their wreaths!!

xo Agnes

Anonymous said...

Yours are FAR cuter than the inspiration for them. I can't believe how much I love that monochromatic one. You are a genius!

I bet I could make a button wreath...that looks up my alley.

{natalie} said...

i love the wreaths....did you use a tutorial or just wing it? i think i need to make one. they all look awesome.

Tasha said...

You should be selling those wreaths!
They are all beautiful!

Miranda said...

The mini ones for the girls' rooms are killing me! I had big plans to make a yarn wreath for fall. I got as far as wrapping the yarn around it. Because I'm lame like that.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

I love, love, love my wreath. I have a set of mustard yellow trays for my future kitchen that will look fantastic with it! Thank you so much for all that hard work. For the record, it's even better in person and doesn't resemble a life preserver in the slightest. Sorry, Timm.

Paula said...

Hi! I have been a long time reader and was wondering where you got your lighting for your girls rooms? I too have two little girls and have been looking for come cute lighting. Also, I LOVE your homemade gifts. You are so talented when it comes to sewing, decorating, and color schemes. I am so envious- can you come decorate my house?:) If you are ever going to sell some of the wreaths, please, please let me know. Do you have an etsy shop?

pauladkilgore at hotmail dot com

Erin said...

I love your yarn wreaths! Once again your flowers are perfection!

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