Monday, January 24, 2011


It's another doll quilt! Erin was right when she commented that is reminded her of something she had seen on Sew, Mama, Sew. (You can see it here) I started making if for Bella for Christmas, but unbelievably, time got away from me and I didn't have time. So I finished it up this week and it was a delight to make.

It might be hard to believe, but it took 87 little scraps!
You may notice that in the lower right hand corner of the quilt things started getting a little cramped. I was trying to 'piece the puzzle together' too literally. It turns out much better (I think) if you leave ample space between each piece which is easily noted in the photo of the inspiration.
I also tried-for the second time- to do mitered corners on my binding like a sucker. I was trying to figure it out from a book, but I think I need a personal demonstration because each time I've tried it, it is a ridiculous endeavor. It is so bad. So, I ripped it all out and bound it the tried and true way like I've always done before.

One thing I love about anything patchwork or done with scraps is identifying the pieces and the purposes they were originally intended for. I love when different phases of my life are married together in a beautiful, cohesive and intentional way. As if each piece, or experience were used to fit together to create something more beautiful than each alone. (Although I do not contend that this is more beautiful than any of the individual projects themselves.) I think there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

Some of the fabrics I can identify are from: the quilt Michelle made for me for my freshman year of college (so beautiful), my grandma's robe and house dress, skirts I've made for Bella, coasters I made for some Christmas gifts last year, softies I've made for Eva, dolls I've made for my girls and some of my Christmas gifts this year. I'm saving tiny bits of scraps from favorite fabrics or sources ( most of these are 1x2" or smaller) in case I want to make a larger quilt with this ticker tape method someday. Judging from how long it took me to sew these 87pieces, and the huge quilt I have had in the works for 13  years (really), it might be done near retirement age.
If I hurry. 
That said, it's very easy to do, just a little tedious.
But fun. 
You should totally do it. 
Somewhere a little girl will squeal in delight. 
(And you might too.)


Anonymous said...

Dude! That is so freaking cute! I can't believe all that work for a doll quilt. You are a wonder, woman!

{natalie} said...

Wow! I love it. I'm going to figure out how to make one of those for Addi's dollhouse. It is super cool.

Binding always messes me up too.

Carolina Croshaws said...

You are so creative. It looks so cute. If you'd like help with mitered corners I have done a few and have a book detailing each step. I can't wait to make another quilt. I have so much fabric laying around I have thought about making a scrap quilt for a while.

rmt said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! And, no, I won't be making one...but WOW! So stinkin' cute! I can't believe how much work went into that.

michelle said...

I love it! I would totally make a (tiny) quilt like that. If I can ever excavate my sewing machine and fabric, that is.

I immediately recognized that little yellow print and it brought back happy memories.

Tasha said...

I LOVE THAT!!! I may have to steal your idea!

linda said...

Way cute, but that time for a doll quilt, not so sure I'm on board! That being said, few things are greater than seeing true delight on your child's face!

Susan said...

Oh,my! It is so dang cute!

I would like to hear what Bella said when you presented it to her!

It's even cuter than it was when I saw it in progress. And it feels like you loved making it. It's a win/win. WAY cute!

Erin said...

I love this! Making it doll sized is brilliant. I might be able to handle that.

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