Monday, January 31, 2011

Giveaway To Come!

Later this week I am excited to offer a giveaway to one of my readers! I don't believe I have ever done a giveaway, even of my own wares, so I'm happy to be doing so.  CSN contacted me about offering a $25 giftcard to their sites, which is a fantastic offer since you can get nearly anything- from swingsets to sewing machines through one of their 200 online stores!
And just so you know, I could have kept it for myself and simply done a review, but I magnanimously chose to do a giveaway for one of my readers. Besides, since I've previously stated that we are rolling in cash due to Timm's lucrative career as a high school teacher, I don't really need anything. Plus, I thought it might draw a few people out of the woodwork, so to speak!
Stay tuned!


Jill said...

Very interesting. No one would blame you if you decided to keep it for yourself.

michelle said...

That certainly IS magnanimous!

I'm surprised when I think that I have never offered a giveaway on my blog either.

rmt said...

YAHOO! I didn't get to read all I wanted to earlier, so I'm back! :)

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