Tuesday, January 04, 2011

When I am 30...

I want to be proud of who I am.
I want to be proud of what I look like.
I want to be proud of what I have accomplished.
I want to be proud of what can I do.
I want to be strong.
I want to be fit.
I want to feel proud on Timm's arm.
I want to forget myself.
I want my kids to be proud to call me mama.
I want to be in recovery.
I want to be clean.
I want to try my best every day.
I want to be my authentic and best self.

I am on a countdown to my 30th birthday in June, and I am trying to focus each day on making choices that will bring these things to pass. I am printing these reminders (plus more I have added for my own benefit) so I can read them each morning, reminding and clearing myself for the choices of the day.


michelle said...

Great thoughts! Can you believe I am on the countdown to my 40th??

Tasha said...

You can do it! I thought turning 30 was super empowering! 40 must be even better Michelle!

Jill said...

Excellent thoughts, it's good that this is on your radar and that you can work toward who you want to be!

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Sheesh, I feel really behind on these things at 32.

Susan said...

I love this idea. I love your "wants" and I can picture you fulfilling each one of them.

Anonymous said...

I need a kick in the pants. This is a GREAT list. I keep re-reading it. Sigh. You are on your way!

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