Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 40th Shell!

{this is the most recent picture I have of us together, taken last summer during our girl's week at my house with Emily}

I feel it a rare pleasure and blessing to have an older sister you can call friend. I have had the blessing to be born into an extraordinary family-especially the women-and I am proud to count Michelle among those extraordinary women. I One who has seen and loved you through your worst, eased the grief of your most difficult times, celebrated your victories, and fielded your most mundane or ridiculous phone calls. She has done all of this and more, and has been physically present at all of the most significant events of my life. I look to her for advice- frequently. I burden her with my so-called problems, frequently as well. I love that the miles between us have not dimmed or diminished our affection and friendship. She is a perfect balance to my neurosis as well!
Most of all, I am so excited that in about 3 weeks I will be at her house for a couple of weeks! Looking forward to our annual reunion...
I love you, Shell.
Happy Birthday!


Susan said...

What joy it brings to a mother to see this kind of relationship between daughters. I'm so glad that you have Michelle in your life. She is an exceptional person.

Happy birthday to my firstborn.

Miranda said...

What beautiful words for your sister! I love seeing happy sisters who care for each other so much.

Hmmm...Maybe I need to take a trip to Michelle's in a few weeks?

michelle said...

Gosh, I don't know that I've really done all that! Goodness.

I too am glad that the miles have not dimmed our affection and friendship. Love you, Jess.

(and we really were blessed to be born into an extraordinary family!)

Anonymous said...

So so SOOO excited you get to see her in a few weeks!

(And so so SOOO bummed I don't get to pop in like I have in the past!) Ha!

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