Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Impoverished Evidence

In keeping with the vow of poverty I have so nobly taken upon myself, I turned, once again, to Great Clips to update my look. (If you would have told me at the age of 17 that I would regularly go to Great Clips or anything like unto it for style, that I would entrust them to cut my hair, let alone go for a new look, I would have died. That age was a now long-forgotten era where I had disposable income and it was used to purchase things like various Aveda shampoos. I can remember having a selection of 4 different Aveda products in my shower and how utterly intoxicating they felt and smelled. Since that time I have also fallen to the point where I trusted Timm to cut my hair for about the first year of our marriage. And it was a pixie cut. How times change; how they change indeed.)

(Even though I am not officially 30 for 4 more months, I have telltale wrinkles around my eyes. And mouth. Just for fun.)

I took these about a month ago, upon coming home from Great Clips and restyling it myself. I asked her to stack it dramatically up the back. I have a weird, flat head and need the volume of short (pixie short) hair in the back, but want it to look like I have long hair in the front. I plan on growing it for quite some time in this fashion, keeping it in the same dramatic- even severe-angle, but longer all over. I will keep it short enough in the back to disguise my freakishly flat head and mess it up all funky-like.

Upon styling it I positioned myself at my front door, where I get the most natural light to take these SPs. My dad was visiting, and I noticed he had a bit of a smirk on his face. I asked him what he thought, and he replied with a question of his own: "What do you think of it?" (That is generally not a sign that the questioner approves.) I told him I liked it to which he merely said, eyebrows raised, "It's awfully short in the back..." I told him it's supposed to be. He wore an expression that suggested he was embarrassed for me, but tried to hide the smirk he still had on his face. Perhaps these photos don't completely convey the shortness of the back, but later that day my mom agreed that she thought it was cute.

"He doesn't know anything", she informed me.

(I told you I liked my trashy shirt. Paired with this favorite gray ruffled cardigan, it's my stay-at-home-day uniform. I have a lot of stay at home days; It's a very clear edict in my Homebody Code.)


michelle said...

Oh, that smirk! I can picture it EXACTLY.

Maybe we should clarify that he doesn't know anything about women's hairstyles. Clearly he knows some things. Like how to be a Sneelock.

I think you look adorable.
I wish I had as many wrinkles as I did when I was turning 30!

{natalie} said...

i love short hair and we have similiar hairstyles. except one time when trimming my bangs, the stylist cut off some hair in the front so i've been growing it out for a long time. i want more of an a line.

your hair looks super cute.

Claire said...

Dad's are weird that way.

Rin said...

LOOOOOOOVE the haircut! I've been thinking of trying Great Clips myself. Gone too are the days where I bought Aveda shampoo. It's all natural food store shampoo purchases for me now. The $3.75 shampoo from Whole Foods to be exact :) Gone are the $45 haircuts too.

Diana said...

you look so pretty. I love your haircut!
I too hate the impoverished life. Really in my 30's I am still poor! whats up with that!

Tasha said...

I love the hair!

rmt said...


Susan said...

Count me in on the "love it" list.

I was confused about the last comment "he doesn't know anything" where was the finished sentence? Am I weird? (don't answer that, and we're all a little weird!).

You're too cute, as always.

Anonymous said...

You have never not rocked whatever hair cut you have. Seriously. Every style, every color. You have the face shape and whatever else it takes to make any cut look awesome. Lucky girl!

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