Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Think I Got It Backwards

{View from our front porch the night before we left NC}

It was snowing in Utah when we landed last night and again this morning.
Most people go on vacation in search of better weather than what they have at home.
Our weather in NC right now is about the best part of the year.
I am afraid that when we return at the end of the month my beautiful azaleas will be done blooming, and full-blown summer will be right around the corner. (Azalea season is arguably by favorite 2 weeks of the year-)
The company is so worth it.

p.s. But seriously, I think I need to remind myself not to to travel in April. I actually miss my azaleas.


linda said...

Sadly, you are so right. Spring will have passed (by the way it was 82 here today)and your azalea bushes will be green:(!

Timm invited us to dinner today, but I had signed up for the missionaries and had to decline. Sad, sad, sad. No one ever cooks me dinner, (Paul is so not a cook) so combine that with no sweet smiles from Fi and it was definitely a bad luck day!

michelle said...

Awwwww. Gee, thanks.

And your azaleas are adorbz, btw. :)

Susan said...

Beautiful eastern and southern springs! Sorry you'll miss the azaleas.

Have fun and enjoy your time with Michelle and the kids.

GCC said...

Hey, if you're in Utah, I'd LOVE to see you for lunch or something. It's only been more than a decade... :-) I would miss your azaleas if I were you, too - they're gorgeous!!

Tasha said...

I miss azaleas too! from Louisiana and PA. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Its NOT Snowing down in St. George, you and Michelle could come down, just sayin!

Jill said...

No kidding, this is a cruel kind of weather switch for you!

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Have fun in Utah with Michelle and fam!

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