Friday, April 29, 2011

Not Why I Blog

A little while ago at 11pm, I heard suspicious noises outside. I was just about to get up and turn on the porch light to scare away potential criminals when I heard a very soft knocking on the door. Reasoning that thieves and rapists rarely knock, I answered it to find my friend Amanda wielding a very heavy plastic tote I had previously given to her with clothes. She was returning it to me, filled with food.
In it was a gallon of milk, juice, a dozen eggs, chicken breasts, turkey dogs, Lunchables, a pound of cheese, Greek yogurt, Gogurt, and apples. All in ice, in case I was in bed.
As she gave it to me, she had tears in her eyes. Obviously, she had read my post which was not written to inspire pity or gifts of food or monetary donations. Nevertheless, being a poor young married college girl herself,  she was inspired to bring it to me. Immediately. Tonight. Oh, and she also has a baby who still wakes up several times a night to nurse, so nighttime hours are at a premium. 
Here's the thing: I hesitate to write anything of the nature of the original post because I do not want to illicit pity or charitable gestures. I write because it's what I do. It's how I cope, sort, and get on with things. I blog because I journal, and in so doing I get over things while recording them at the same time. I usually feel better by the time I hit 'publish' and I like to have a record of the good, the bad and the ugly. So I do not blog in order to gain favor or favors. However, I do blog to remember and record, and Amanda's charity is a perfect instance of this. I want to remember how it felt when someone was prompted and listened to do something on my behalf- when someone went out of their way and did something that was inconvenient and even costly in order to help me when I didn't (directly) ask for it. I want a record of my blessings, and examples of Christlike charity and plain old kindness and good friendship.
So to recap, this is not why I blog these things.
Also this is why I blog these things.
Thank you, Amanda.

*My monetary goal for this post has been met. No more donations are required at this time. If a future need presents itself, I will post another thinly veiled request for help. Also, that was sarcasm.*


Diana said...

that is so so sweet of your friend!

I remember blogging about the stress of buying Joshy clothes when he was one and Jill brought over all of Landon's clothes from the time he was one till he was five!

I will forever be grateful to Jill for that. joshy is still wearing Landon's clothes nearly every day!

Marie said...

Oh, I just love this! I think most of us have a story similar to this, I can think of two or three off the top of my head, and the memory of them still makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Dan and Amanda said...

Awww... Amanda's a schmuck! You're awesome!

Erin said...

how sweet! i am glad your friend is taking care of you. we all need that sometimes!

i am sorry your return home has been so stressful. i look forward to hearing about your trip!

Anonymous said...

This is seriously cool! It inspired me to take some provisions to a friend who got hit by the flu this weekend and had to cancel an epic party.

I totally get what you mean about why you blog :)

linda said...

I am only reading your blog now. It makes me sad that you didn't call me, I would gladly help you out, anytime, even running out to the grocery store to rescue a denied card!

Kudos to Amanda for being such an awesome thoughtful friend.

patsy said...

Good post.
Great friend.
I totally get it.

michelle said...

What a good friend! I want to be more like her.

And I never want to forget when others have rescued me.

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