Thursday, May 05, 2011

Utah: Places to Go

I have 3 weeks of travel to blog about, but it's always hard to know where to start with so many photos and so much time to cover. So I am going to start with the places we went. When I go back to Utah there is a flexible list of destinations that I expect to go. Here are a few, as well as a couple of new places.

Neither Michelle or I had ever been to this quilt shop in American Fork, but I was on the hunt for some wool felt for a project I wanted to work on. While they didn't have the wool felt, it was a charming storefront with lots of enviable supplies and fabrics.

While not terribly exciting, we did have to go to Harmon's, and I found Eva's expression hilarious and familiar. (3 girls to a cart does not make for 3 happy girls.)

I was very happy that Shell and I got to go to the Provo temple together. I haven't even been to our temple in Columbia, SC since we moved here. It's only about 2 hours away, but Timm's work schedule + child care + finances have made that difficult. I vow that we will go before the end of the summer however. Nevertheless, Michelle and I were able to go and do sealings together, which was very cool. I've never done sealings before and it was a very neat and memorable experience.

(Primroses on the temple grounds. I love primroses.)

An unexpected blessing of going to the temple was seeing this:

That's right- a car with eyelashes. I noticed the car right off but couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was adorned with until Michelle recognized them as, of course, eyelashes. Of course.

The Distribution Center is another must-stop to replace things not easily found in my neck of the woods.

Miranda and I went to see what all the fuss was about at Alice Lane. (More on the visit with Miranda later-)

And of course, no trip to Utah would be complete without a stop (or two) to Cafe Rio. Home of the well-deserved famed pork barbacoa burritos and salads.

And last but not least, Iceberg! Who could resist their 'mini' shakes and accompanying onion rings? Not I! It is probably for the best that I do not have an Iceberg within reasonable distance to me, although it sounds blasphemous to say.

Not pictured, we also went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU, which was stunning and very touching. Michelle was kind enough to sit with the girls in the lobby while I finished going through it alone, in peace, since she had already been a couple of times. Afterward we made one of two stops to the Creamery while I was there, both of which times  I had Graham Canyon, which may have changed my life. It's made with graham cracker ice cream, people. Why didn't I know that existed? 
We went for sainthood by taking all the girls to the dinosaur museum, which Michelle photographed since I left my camera at home.
I went to DownEast Basics to get a couple (though not enough)  layering t's as well.
Overall, I felt like I hit all the stops I needed to while in Utah, was still able to get together with friends a few times, but still felt relaxed and stayed home most of the time. Just the way I like it.

{Our little cartoon character, just for fun.)

Now that I've broken it in a little, maybe it will be easier to delve into the rest of the photos and the rest of the trip!


Susan said...

Good. I've been waiting....I don't know what and where most of those places are!

Looks like fun so far.

those faces on Fiona can't be real!

emily said...

I feel like the picture of the girls at Harmon's summarizes their week together very well.

I'm so glad that our Utah stays overlapped. I love you!

linda said...

I love,love, love Iceberg's shakes, never had the onion rings but they do look delicious!

Diana said...

a pure Utah vacation!
Happy Mother's Day

Charlotte said...

That top photo of you? Stunning, Jess. I won't detail (again) how envious I was of those who got to see you. I'm glad you had such a great time, and I love seeing pictures of your darling girls!

Love you lots.

Denise said...

Ditto Charlotte's comment. I'm still ruing the fact that we missed seeing you by only a week or so. Drat.

michelle said...

What a pretty self-portrait!!

I completely forgot about going to the BYU museum, since we don't have any photo-documentation...

I forgot about the car eyelashes, too. Can't believe no one commented about that!

Jill said...

I'm glad you got to hit all these spots while in Utah. I haven't been to the creamery in years, but that ice cream sounds so good to me.

I love your pictures from the Quilt Shop!

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