Friday, July 08, 2011

An Outline of Events From 6/4 through 7/6

(or, where I've been for a month)

Introduction: Summer Hits Hard
I. I turn 30.
II. I continue my running career
III. Timm gets a new job
IV. Summer Fun

Introduction: Summer Hits Hard
 By way of explanation, summer came. I was plodding along, going about my usual business, when Wham! school was out and Bella was home every day. All day. Were you aware this happened every June? Cause it kind of sidelined me. Here's the thing: (I say 'Here's the Thing' a lot, I think.) Social interaction drains me. (I am an almost-agoraphobe after all) Even when the social interaction is enjoyable, fun, and energizing, when all is said and done, it drains me. I only recharge in solitude. (As grandma used to say, solitude is restorative, and it is) So suddenly, Bella was home everyday and I was thrust back into full-time motherhood of two small girls who bicker and squabble at least as often as they play cooperatively. And Fiona, she alone could wear out an army in a day. She never stops, never slows, never quiets. It's go, go, go, and yammering away all day. So anyway, I found that my days with the girls were about all the social interaction I could stand. At day's end, when they were finally in bed, I just wanted to be alone and bask in my own company. No emailing, no commenting, no blogging, no phone conversations- I was done. Tapped. And for 2 1/2 of those weeks Timm was out of town, so it was single motherhood for me. Yikes. But I've taken a month and adapted a bit. So here we are.

I. I turn 30.
I did, last month. June 18th. Thank you to all who sent well wishes and notes and gifts! It was a wonderful birthday. It had the makings to be disappointing because Timm had to leave town the morning of my birthday. Luckily, my parents came into town the day before so I got to spend it with them. It is wonderful to be with your mother on your birthday- especially when you have my mother and she takes birthdays seriously. I even got to go on a rare date with Timm the night before he left. The day of my birthday I spent with mom and Linda, doing the kind of things I rarely do, namely: shopping, a spa pedicure and out to lunch. Then we went out to dinner with Linda's family. All in all, it was a great day, a great milestone birthday. I highly recommend celebrating with your mother whenever possible.

II. I Continue My Running Career
I've continued to run 3 times a week for the last few weeks and I love/hate it. Running is a fickle, fickle friend. Two days ago I ran for 2.5 miles and I felt like I was floating on air. It was amazing. Tonight I ran 2 miles and I felt like someone was hitting me with a hammer the entire, arduous time. Terrible.
Some of the highlights: when I got my spa pedicure the woman asked me if I was a runner, judging from a purple toenail. When I answered her in the affirmative, it was one of the best days of my life. Plus, it was my 30th birthday, so win-win.
A few days previous, I had to relieve some of the pressure in that toenail by stabbing a sewing needle under my nail bed. Repeatedly. Like, all the way down the whole nail bed. The weird thing is, it didn't even hurt.
Tonight, the toenail fell off. I thought I had salvaged it, but nope. I have a good 'nail in training' going on now. That's actually what they call the nail bed underneath that toughens up and eventually grows out to be a regular nail, months later. I feel validated.

III. Timm gets a new job.

IV. Summer Fun
Just kidding! 
I'll tell you about the job now. It's pretty freakin' exciting if you're Jessie Tanner. Which I am. So I'm pretty freakin' excited.
Fortuitously, proving that it's all in who you know, Timm got a job with Carolina's Healthcare. The Young Mens President he is a counselor to gave him a heads up about an opening as a trainer for physicians. It's still unclear to me what exactly he will be doing, but it involves training physicians in technology. Or something. What I do know, is that for the first time since I met Timm 9 years ago, he will only be working 1 job. One solitary, splendid job. (He has always worked between 2 and 4 jobs. 4.) I also know that it will be a 50% increase over our previous sad salary. We don't even know what it will be like, but we plan on seeing a lot more of each other, having a family day together once a week, paying off some debt and eventually even, dare I say it, saving some money. He starts on the 18th, so we have a week together before he begins his new career.

And in the mean time we are keeping busy with all kinds of summer fun. Which I will try and detail and chronicle as the summer days wear on.


Erin said...

first- happy belated birthday!!

two- squee!!! congrats on Timm's new job. I can only imagine how elated you both must feel!

three- congrats on being a real runner. i wish i was too!

four- want to have some summer fun together?? said...

Yes, as a mother and as a daughter, I highly recommend spending your birthday with your mother whenever possible! Mothers really know how to make a birthday, for sure! It was fun to be with you and fun to treat you...but, I will tell you, having you turn 30 is about the first thing that I can really say made me feel old!

Glad to have the report for all to see. Welcome back. Stay tuned please.

patsy said...

HOOORAY FOR THE NEW JOB!!! this is awesome news!!
FAbulous, fabulous news! Yes- it's always who you know.

Summer usually hits me hard... this year has been the same, but fortunately I have adjusted by now.

Running- runners completely intimidate me. I think runners are incredible. Running boggles my mind, expecially running in heat & humidity. I just don't get it- in one way I wish I did, but then- no, I don't.

happy birthday- 30 is great- but frankly- 40 is the best!!

michelle said...

So glad you're back! (Hope you don't disappear for a month again, I was reeeaaallllly wondering.)

I'm so glad that you could be with Mom on your birthday.

I am SO excited about Timm's new job! More money AND more time? So totally ideal. An answer to prayers for sure!

I'm always creeped out when your toenails fall off. But I still wish I could join the running crowd.

Anne said...

You lost a toenail? That is the sign of a true runner. Nice!!

Diana said...

busy busy summer! Congrats to Timm on the new job!

GCC said...

I echo Erin's belated birthday wishes - glad it was a great one!

And HOORAY for Timm's job!!!!! Wow, isn't it amazing when the hand of the Lord shows up so obviously in our lives when we need it the most? I'm so, so happy for you all!

Robin said...

Hooray for great birthdays!! Sorry I was so late with my lame-o email wouldn't be traditional Robin fare without being late, right??

And check you out with the run-town, that's awesome! (PS - new hair style is funky!! If anyone can pull that off, it's you :))

And DOUBLE YAY for Timm's new job, that's so great!! I say it's about time he (and your whole fam) has a normal schedule and workday. Woot!

Love ya Jess! - The Prodigal Commenter. AKA Me.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

I am SOOOOOOOO excited about Timm's new job! Have you started a wish list yet!??

Kim said...

Congrats on Timm's new job! Exciting time for you family.

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