Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week In Repose

I think this last week might have been a first for us- we had an entire week together at home, with no work obligations whatever. We had nowhere to be, nothing to do. So, being an almost-agoraphobe, that's what we did: go nowhere, do nothing. Mostly.

(I'm still red. Update: The public is divided. Studies show that 22% of people think I'm inappropriate, 36% don't care, and 56% of people think I'm rad.)

{My half-up 'do looks a little swirly from above.}

One day we melted down old crayons and poured them into candy molds to make rainbow crayons in various shapes. I've wanted to do this forever, and I don't know why it took this long to do.
Saturday was our big family date. (Timm finally got a paycheck in the mail yesterday that we had been waiting for, so we treated ourselves to a day of debauchery.) 
First up: IHOP. I had New York cheesecake pancakes. Seriously. Cheesecake chunks in the pancakes, with whipped cream, strawberries, and strawberry syrup.

{Overhead florescent lighting: Universally flattering.}

Afterwards we walked next door to a new (to me) used bookstore I had never seen. Molly and I had previously gone down to an area called Plaza Midwood to go to the used bookstore/cat adoption center, but I loved this one! The setup was awesome, and the kids were entertained the whole time. We could have gone there for the whole date and they would have been happy.

Bella entertained Fiona with puppet shows in their theater while we shopped.

Timm was dismayed that I was photographing him sitting in a child's school desk.

Okay. Here's where it gets good. Earlier in the week, Timm had attended the premier of Harry Potter 7 Part 2. For the occasion, he made himself a new wand. (Because of course he already had an old wand that he made-) He also made one for Hayden, Blake, and their cousin Paul, with more on order. He is like a kid with a new toy- he brings his wand everywhere. Everywhere. He holsters it in his pocket and requested that maybe I sew a compartment within his pocket that is deeper to accomodate the length of the wand. I had to shame him into leaving it in the car, and not bringing it into IHOP or our next destination.

He drove with his wand readied at all times. Obviously. As we rode he brandished it casting various spells on passersby and other cars. He prounounced 'Avada Kedavra!' on Scar in the Lion King, causing his ultimate demise. When fires ravaged the plains of the same movie, Timm was ready with 'Aguamenti!', dousing the fires with life-saving water. Coming up behind a pedestrian on the side of the road he waved his wand and shouted 'Expelliarmus!', disarming the thug before he could do anyone harm. He made sure that Bella knew he had just disarmed this potential threat. Along the way he made up several of his own spells to suit his needs at the time.
So I made him leave it in the car when we went bowling.
And holy crap! Bowling's expensive! Nearly $50 for the whole family. Sheesh.
I think we might have bowled together once when Bella was younger. I had no real recollection of the experience, so when Timm took his turn, his highly stylized professional form took me by surprise. It looked so polished and practiced. Then when the ball started to veer sharply to the right, heading straight for the gutter, I snorted audibly. He threw the ball with such confidence and panache that when it started to sail straight for failure I couldn't restrain myself. But then something amazing happened: As it rolled along the edge, straddling the bumper and the lane, it took an abrupt turn as though he willed it to do so (even though he left his wand in the car) and spun in the other direction to knock down a bunch of pins. The next time he did it again to get a spare, and several times he got a strike. I was astounded and humbled for laughing at him. He was giddy that after 8 years of marriage he still had secrets.
This series shows his form, but not the incredibly veering ball.

I have to say, I was suitably impressed. Especially since he did in unaided by magic.

{Helping Bella}

This picture is so blurry but I love the expression of glee as she runs back from her bowl. She insisted on doing it all herself- she would heave the ball onto the lane where it landed with an impressive and solid thud, then roll, impossibly slowly, down the lane. It inched so painfully slowly to the end of the lane, it's all you could do not to audibly groan. When it finally reached its target, even the pins seemed to fall in slow motion as her ball tapped them over. She was thrilled.

Fiona made her own fun.

This impish look and tilt of the head, right here, is what wins you over every time from Fiona. This is evidence of the skillfully crafted charm she has honed to manipulate you. She has wiles that make you endure, even cheerfully, her antics and demands and rulings. She really has a knack.

Those bowling shoes were so cute on little feet and those skinny and chubby legs respectively.

So that was Saturday.

Over the week I was also commissioned by my children to draw Dobby several times. I really love to draw, and used to do it constantly as a child. I used to say I was going to go to art school. I need to find ways to practice this lost love in my life.

Before church on Sunday I put a Coke (Zero, of course) in the freezer to quickly chill. This is what I was greeted with upon my return from church:

I forgot about it, obviously.

One of my very favorite things. And Fiona's. Probably due in large part to many prayers, Bella loves to read. She reads all the time, anywhere and Fiona is a happy audience most of the time. I. Love. It.

Timm starts his new job tomorrow, so we will be sad to lose him during the day, but will happily accept his new paycheck.


Diana said...

congrats to you and timm again!!! Your day sounds fabulous and you so deserve a fun day all together!

Diana said...

oh btw its easy to change the font on your post titles and such just go into your blog template designer, go to advance and its all right there :)

Jill said...

I am so happy you guys were able to have a glorious week together free of obligations! What a perfect thing to get to do before starting a new job. I am thrilled that he'll be receiving a decent paycheck and only has to work one job, what a blessing for your family!!!

michelle said...

hooray, hooray!

I am dying over Timm's spell-casting, so funny. Did he make a wand for Emily? Because, you will recall, hers was sadly lacking.

Marc has surprised me with similar bowling finesse. Who knew?

That photo of Bella and Fiona hugging (close-up) is killing me. So sweet.

patsy said...

HOOOray for the new job!
I am so thrilled for you there are almost tears in my eyes--- what?
that picture of bella reading is absolutely precious & needs to be blown up. I love how it looks so spontaneous... it's just darling.

good luck with the new job!!!!!
p.s.- you can draw too?-wow
p.p.s. - the wands- is there nothing your family can't do! impressive

Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh, Timm's wizardry has me laughing out loud at work (a welcome bit of levity). I still have my wand, and I love it.

My bowling skills are woefully, woefully lacking. I have zero technique and knock down more pins when I bowl granny style. No joke.

I hope that Timm has a great first day of work and that his first paycheck comes soon!

Charlotte said...

PS, I love it that Bella loves to read. And your girls are so cute. Obviously.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Congratulations on having a week all to yourselves! Miss you!

{natalie} said...

the pic of the girls reading is to die for. it is so cute.

your drawing is awesome. i am so impressed.

Michelle said...

I just love, love, love the hair. What a great treat to have a week together!

I'm so happy that you will be able to spend more time together as a family, and that you will actually have something to spend!:)

Denise said...

What a delightful post! I've been thinking of going bowling with the family, thinking it was a low-cost activity. $50?! Good grief.

I'm SO excited for Timm's new job. And I love his blue shirt. And his wand. Obviously.

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