Thursday, October 27, 2011

Slowly Starting Back

** The following post was written by my husband, as he hijacked my blog last night while I slept. He was so sick of not seeing anything new on my blog he took it upon himself to write something. Hence, the " I look forward each day to seeing his beautiful face and just basking in the glow of his presence" to name one incidence. Doubtless he is hoping that I will now be forced to follow through documenting the things he has listed. We'll see. I am a stubborn sort.**

Don’t get too excited that I am posting something new, this is not groundbreaking material. I just anted to get out a brief overview of some of the topics I have in mind to blog about in the near future. I think that writing them down will help me follow through with it.

First, you may be asking “Where has Jessie been?” For the most part, I’ve been right here. The biggest thing we’ve had going on is all the changes with Timm’s new job. Saying that it has been nice to have him home more doesn’t quite cover it. I don’t know if I have any language that can. I am more in love with him every day. He is the most stable, gentle, loving person in our house, and I just don’t know how we function when he isn’t around. I look forward each day to seeing his beautiful face and just basking in the glow of his presence.

We have also been super busy working on our house. We have moved the girls into the same room (Fiona’s), which also involved a new dresser (Craigslist), a new bunk bed (built by Timm), reworking the closet to make room for more cloths, extra storage, careful culling and a myriad of other changes. That left Bella’s room open which we are planning to make over into a combination toy room, reading room, and guest space.

I spent countless hours sorting through everything we own, and I now claim the title “queen of culling.” We sold a lot of things online (Craigslist again), and had a yard sale with total profit around $1000.00. Sweet.

In the living room, we have installed some bookshelves, which are fabulous, and have plans for a ladder. Yes, you read that correctly, we will have a ladder. In our house. We will have a ladder inside our house. Like a library, but in our house. I know.

I got a new 12 foot long workspace in my studio. I can’t even begin to imagine projects big enough to use a space like that, but I’m sure I will eventually.

There's a lot more to write, but like the title implies, I just want to get a little start and build up from there.


{natalie} said...

I'm happy you've been away from your blog for good reasons and not crappy ones. I want a ladder for my bookcase. How sweet. I look forward to more blogs from you.

Miranda said...

Okay I'm going to go ahead and get too excited. :) A ladder! A highly profitable yard sale! Please come to my house and help me host a yard sale. We meant to have one ALL SUMMER LONG and have slowly just been taking stuff to the DI and giving it away to friends. That does not result in us making any money.

Jill said...

I am always baffled that you have anything to cull and even more baffled that you had enough to sell to make $1000!!! What did you sell, I simply must know!

michelle said...

I too am dying to know what you managed to cull and sell for $1000! We planned to have a yard sale in the summer but it never happened. I wish I were the queen of culling.

I am in love with the idea of a home bookcase ladder.

Denise said...

I am in love with Timm for blogging!

Erin said...

sounds like things are going well! i do hope you will start blogging again... you've been missed.

Charlotte said...

I love it that Timm hijacked your blog!

And a ladder? Seriously?? You know how much I'm loving it.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Hooray for Timm giving you a nudge. I am DYING to see pictures of everything!!!

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