Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lay off!

Okay, I'm blogging off. I have nothing of note to say, but I suppose that if I enjoy reading the minutiae of everyone else's life, some of you may enjoy mine too. Though not likely. I'm considering the idea of joining a gym. Now that we're not moving to our new condo where we were going to have a workout facility it's just something I'm thinking about. I hate exercising, but am really trying to adopt a good lifestyle. Of course I have a few more pounds I'd like to lose, and firm up those problem areas that are many since having kids... but I am also really interested in developing good habits for my kids. I am a couch potato by nature. I am a homebody, I like tv, I like food...my natural inclinations are to be fat and lazy. The problem is, I don't want my kids to be that way. So I really want to develop good habits with my kids. I want them to learn to eat well and within reason, and to have fun being active. The problem is, I haven't quite learned to have fun being active. It's sad, but it's true. I'd much rather just watch a Lifetime movie while I scrapbook than go for a jog. (blech.) Plus, I don't really enjoy being fat. I'm one of those people that never enjoys exercise. It gets easier once I'm actually in shape, but it's still something I have to force myself to do because I know it's good for me. I never just enjoy it. Sigh. So anyway, I called around to a couple of gyms to get their rates. They are SO pushy! They never want to just tell you how much it is. They want you to come in and tour the facility and work out. Yeah, like that's what I want to do. I've worked out before, I know how it feels, and I don't like it. That's why I'm in this predicament in the first place. Just tell me how much it is going to cost me for the physical torture of exercising at your specific facility! It's not like they have some newfangeled machine that I've never seen before that they're just dying to show me! They just want to wrangle me in there so they can get a pen in my hand to sign a contract. I don't know what to do. I hate exercise. A necessary evil? I WISH I wish I wish I could find something that is actually enjoyable that would also provide the health benefits I'm after. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think it would;d be fun to join a tackle football league. I've always enjoyed tackling people, especially if I get to choose them.


robin said...

Ah...the joys of exercise. I had to cancel my gym membership recently, which is kinda a bummer. It wasn't too bad as long as I had some music or a book to read, and I always felt SO GOOD when I was consistently working out. But alas...it also costs money, and it was one of the things I decided we should cut for now until we get our credit card debt paid off, and boost up our savings a bit. Man, money sucks.

That's the other thing - a lot of the fun things to do are expensive. For instance, snowboarding. I seriously had a ton of fun going last week with Mark, and it DEFINITELY worked me (as you could tell from Book Club, haha). But $32 bucks a trip, not including rentals = only an occasional indulgence.

Once again, I am always up for you coming over to play Dance Dance Revolution. I typically have afternoons free, and am around the house until 4 on Thursdays. I may even bust it out tomorrow - want me to give you a call? You can bring Bella over too - I have no problem seeing a cute baby ;) It does take a little getting used to, but the nice thing is in workout mode, you can even just dance around if you aren't getting the notes, and its not going to like, kick you off for losing or whatever (like in the regular game mode). And you can burn a decent amount of calories.

Other than that - I am drawing a blank right now. I envy those people who draw enjoyment from going running for like, 6 miles everyday. Jerks.

Jill said...

I'm anti-gym membership--not shocking considering my girth, but I think unless you're a gym fiend (like my dad or brother) then it's a well-intentioned waste of money. I think you should look for realistic things you'll actually enjoy. Like taking Bella for long walks so you can exercise and so you can both get out of the house and explore the outdoors. You can talk about all the stuff you see around you and burn calories and tone muscles at the same time. If you're looking to target specific areas then go to the Provo or Orem library and check out work out tapes until you find some you like. I think it's much more realistic to work out in your home on the floor than to feel like you have to "get ready" and go to the gym when it's going to be torturous and expensive. If I'd take my own advice here I'd be thrilled--I'm just not looking to exercise right now (some mental block or something) but my plan is in place for when I cross over to becoming a doer. (P.S. I'm glad you shared the minutae of your life.)

hc said...

Such a predicament you are in, and one I have been in many times myself. Back before the days of Mya, I did kickboxing and loved it. I started just going 'cause my cousin was going and she was raving about it and her butt was looking better than it has in forever, so I tried it and signed up the first day- then eventually started teaching it myself. It was the first kind of exercise that I really got into post-high school. It was fun and stress relieving to boot. There is nothing like punching and kicking a bag for all you are worth :) That and you pretty much can't leave without sweating your guts out and feeling good about the workout.

I tried the workout videos and I really just didn't jive with them. They didn't really motivate me or make me want to push play some days. That and I just feel dumb working out at home for some reason. Like I am too lame to get out of the house or something.

Now of course, as you know, I go walking/runnning when I can. There was no magic in doing it for me, I just decided one day and started walking and gradually added in a little running as I felt I could. Going with someone really helped me too at first (until she wussed out and didn't want to go in the cold-sheesh :P)

Even though we are on opposite sides of Utah Valley, I would love meeting in the middle somewhere a few times a week and walking with ya. There is a really nice outdoor track in Orem that I love to go to. Very smooth, so you don't need one of those fancy jogging strollers. So if you ever feel inclined, let me know. My days are pretty flexable until about 5:00. Even just going once or twice a week might get you in the mood to exercise more. And after about 10:00, it isn't too cold.


Diana said...

join a gym I joined 24 hour fitness and I'd love to have someone to go with. IT's pretty cheap and you don't have to sign a contract

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